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    Has anyone had any experience with automatic loaders for pickup trucks. I have a Silverado 2500HD short box. I was looking at a loader made by Overbilt Lifts (SC3001 Sport Loader). I plan on pulling a travel trailer. We looked at toy haulers but the wife didn't want to "live" with the bike. I was hoping to get a look at this or any other loader prior to purchase.
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    I have the same truck. I have seen the auto-loaders, and talked to the owner....he liked it and hasn't had any complaints. I weighed this purchase in my mind as well...but I was reluctant to drill holes in the bed of my truck. I have a "Toy Hauler" ...but mine was possibly only a one or two time move ( I moved my Ultra from Cincinnati, to L.A. for the winter and was not bringing the camper). I did not think I would be needing this loader very often. I googled " motorcycle hauling in the back of a pick-up truck" and came up with a great idea...for lot less money. A 3/4" piece of ply wood, with handles(for ease of handling/loading, Pingel wheel chock installed, 4 tie down rings installed in it. I borrowed a wide loading ramp( for a 4 wheeler) from a friend. The Silverado tail-gate sits very with the aid of a ditch...or a hill....or a loading dock somwhere....riding up and down the ramp was no problem. BE SURE to secure the ramps to the back of the truck somehow....I used a tie-down strap to the trailer hitch.
    I tied the bike down to the 4 installed ring in the plywood and to the two front tie-down rings in the front of the bed sides....securing everything in the bed ( 6 tie-downs total). The plywood supports the weight of the motrorcycle on the tailgate of the truck. The rear wheel rest right about where the tailgate pivots.
    Probably too much information...but it worked out great for me.....GOOD LUCK and I hoped this helped.
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    I looked at the auto loader and didn't like the idea of not being able to use the truck without taking the loader out. I purchased the arched 10' ramp from Black Widow for $300 and the bike and the ramp (3 pc folded) fit in the bed no problem. When assembled the ramp is 36" wide by 10' long.