Authentic Blackened Redfish (not Joe)ha-ha

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    An adaptation of Chef Paul Prudhomme's.

    1 tablespoon paprika
    1 tablespoon ground oregano
    1 tablespoon dried thyme
    1/2 tablespoon cayenne pepper
    1/2 tablespoon black pepper (fine)
    1 teaspoon galic powder
    1 teaspoon seasoned salt
    1 teaspoon garlic salt
    grind together and mix well, enough to coat ~ 4-6 fillets, 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick. Rub the coating on both sides of the fillets, let sit for a few minutes, coat the fillets with melted butter when the butter is no longer hot, lift the fillets to allow butter to coat the bottom, let stand about 30 minutes. The butter will set up somewhat.
    Get a large cast iron skillet and heat on propane burner or gas grill until it just begins to glow orange, reduce flame a little until the orange fades, drop in the fillets and cook 2 minutes. Turn over with a metal spatula (the thinner the better) and cook an additional 2 minutes,, it's ready.
    Serve with a fresh salad nad maybe some grilled cornn and of course your favorite beverage.

    Caution!! The spice is hot, go easy on the first attempt, a light sprinkling rubbed in is a good starting point, most of it will burn away. The fish is finished in a darkened coating that gives the dish it's name.
    Be sure to used heavy mitts the pan will be very hot, some splattering will occur. Do this outside only, it will smoke quite heavily at first. I suggest keeping a fire extinguisher handy...just in case
    This recipe also works well for Mahi-Mahi, Amberjack, Bluefish, and Sword.

    Call me when it's ready.

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    Ahhh...good food, good brew and V-Twins...isn't this a great country? Receipe section sounds like a good topic for discussion...when is the fishing trip and the dinner party...!

    I don't have a receipe, but my favorite was Steamed Stripe Bass...dressed by descaling and cuting the lower center to remove sac. Steam on ceramic plate covered wok with grate suspended over boiling water. Key was the dipping/serving sauce, green onions fried in hot canola oil with bit of ginger for only 3 or 4 minutes (onions still have color not wilted) with low sodium soy sauce mixed in and poured over top. My parents would go fishing and bring the stripers in fresh and it was a favorite. Also works to steam crab the same way, you know the purple shelled dunguness ones...had a special bowl the would hold them with cover so they could not move and voila, in this case, the green onion, soy and oil was served in a dipping dish...YUM!
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    May try this on flounder, sounds good:D
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    Think I'll try this one tonight. If it is as good as it looks, I will owe you. :D
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    Jack flounder is too soft a flesh. It will tend to fall apart with you. Don't ask how I know.:D
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    "Authentic Blackened Redfish (not Joe)ha-ha"

    I did get rather dark on our trip but not quite blackened.:newsmile100::newsmile100::newsmile100:
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    I use this recipe on Florida Pompano also it is GREEEAAAT!!
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    Stop already! I'm drooling all over my keyboard!:D
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    Sounds great! Now, if I can just get the Wife on board to cook it. :D
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    Caught the fish a few weeks ago before the oil, flash frozen abd vacuum sealed, sorry that was the end of them.
    I would like to see a section under general topic where we could recipe swap, I guess its up to the boss and mods.