ATF in primary (again,sorry)

Discussion in 'Oil' started by HDDon, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. HDDon

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    Since the Redline has been working for you do you really want to experiment with your primary?
  2. glider

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    ATF= Automatic Transmission Fluid. Is your primary an Automatic Transmission ? For the same reason you wouldn't run peanut oil in there, it isn't made for it but many will testify that they had no problems doing it????

    That doesn't mean that it is right. Peanut oil would take some time to show any problems too.
    Aftermarket clutch manufacturers recommend using ATF for their clutch installations but it only enhances the clutch discs and do you think they would reimburse you for any damage like excess wear on the chain or sprockets?
  3. dbmg

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    Makes no sense to mess with success.... Use the Redline or equivalent.
  4. glider

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    So use it then, it's your bike not mine :laugh
  5. glider

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    Good move:s

    BTW red wine vinegar is red too. :lolrolling
  6. fin_676

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    As atf is a hydraulic oil depending on the weight of the oil it may work in the steering box of your car may even be ok as fork oil
    i personally would not use it in my primary

  7. doctordoug

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    Too many proven lubricants to try using something just to save money. You change primary fluid at 10,000 mile intervals, I personally change at 5,000. 7 or 8$ for Spectro Heavy Duty Primary fluid every 5,000 mile is pretty cheap in my opinion.
  8. blademan

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    Not just didn't Harley recommend Synth they didn't recommend multi grade at one time. And I don't believe that clutch manufacturers would intentionaly recommend a lube that would harm any other part in your primary.
  9. glider

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    The clutch manufacturers recommend what they feel is best for their clutch and while it may not "harm" parts in the primary, it sure isn't doing them any good either as a lubricant.
  10. propflux01

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    As you can see in the several threads on this subject, there are opinions both for and against the use of ATF. Each poster will have his/her mind set on what they feel are pluses and minuses of using a certain lube in certain areas. The ATF users feel its not a problem, because of what they believe are proven uses of ATF in other applications that are more severe in use than a primary, and for other reasons as well, and the non-ATF users, who feel the lubricity and such is not there, or wont completely lube or lube properly, and for other reasons.
    I personally use ATF, and disagree with others on its non-use in a primary, but thats just me. What you must do is evaluate what you read, what you believe, the advice of both users, non users, and their experiences, good or bad, and make an informative decision on that basis. IMHO, No one is qualified to make a recommendation on any type of fluid for your primary except the HD motor company, after all, they built it. Whatever fluid you end up using, I wish you luck with it, be it your current product use, what HD recommends, or the ATF.