?: at least now it don't sound like a GLDWNG!

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    Hope this isn't too lengthy.
    I have a "01 EG Classic with no mods. I had always been dissapointed in the sound (or lack thereof) from the stock exhaust slip-ons. Other bikes in the group i ride with (mostly metrics) have a MUCH better note, bark, and rumble than mine. And most all of them have a stock exhaust. Maybe some don't care, but when a rider on a stock vulcan comments on how quiet your HD is/ well, it makes ya feel a bit smaller....
    Anyways, another rider came into the group with a "01 EG Ultra with a bigger breather, power commander, and V&H true duals. Asking him, he said his stock mufflers never sounded as quiet as mine, and he would give me his slip-ons if i wanted them. So, i took advantage of the offer, and changed them out this evening. NOW it sounds like a Harley!
    Question (finally!) is this. My old mufflers had an enclosed rear "cone" that was tapered back to the baffle (no resonance chamber?) and was restricted with at least two flat discs with a small hole (about 3/16"). No wonder I heard put-put....put-put! New (used) stock slip-ons have a large resonance (?) chamber about 25% of the rear of the muffler, and NO restriction at all. You can see a 3/4" (?) hole run from intake to rear tip on these new ones, and can see no daylight at all thru the old ones. I don't know what State the bike was originaly sent to in '01, but i figure it was all to restrict sound.
    Will i need to do any downloading/ remap on my bike (EFI) even though everything else is stock? Thanks ya'll!!
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    You should be fine. Even though these mufflers are a little less restrictive, they are still stock, and without any other modification to the air or fuel, there should be no reason to do anything further.
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    Shouldn't be any problems using the newer mufflers. They will flow a bit more than the early ones but with sufficient back pressure as long as they aren't modified to keep things in balance.
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    Thanks everyone.....
    I enjoy this forum a lot! I have learned a lot from reading other peoples' questions and others' feedback...
    BTW....my wife thinks it's just a stupid boy thing and shook her head and walked away when i let her listen to the new sound the bike makes, and if she don't like it then it must sound better!:p