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    I would like to ask a question and I am not trying to be flippant or denegrate anyone so please don't go all Rambo on me.

    I do not understand ape hangers. I live in an area where there must be 8 billion Harleys. Never seen so many bikes nor so many groups riding together. It's great. However we just moved here and I haven't gotten to know anyone yet. So I am asking you guys.

    What is the deal with apes. They really look uncomfortable. My bike is basically a stock Heritage but it is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. I can't imagine my arms reaching for the sky cruising down the highway. Is this really comfortable, is it a "fashion statement" or a trend or what?

    I rode a lot about 25 years ago and apes were just coming in to style then in my area. We had apes so high you had to stand up to ride the bike. It was weird. I tried some of the less "radical" ones and to me it made the bike a bit harder to control, what with my arms up in the air.

    So, what I would like to know, is there an advantage or is this just a "look cool" thing and I am really curious about the "control" factor. It seems it would make the bike harder to steer.

    Please don't assume I am trying to offend. I am really curious. I am new to the HD scene, I love my bike. Best thing I ever did was to buy it. But I see a lot of tall bars out here and I am just wondering why or what it does to the riding experience.

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    No problem GB...just a matter of personal preference, looks, performance, comfort and style rolled into one. I have street slammers, which are rather forward and wide, because I like to lean in and ride eh...somewhat aggressive. If you have the HD P&A book, you will see at the very front the riding positions and styles from MOCO marketing perspective, and not from user perspective which trumps just about everything. :eam

    Gotta love the diversity and revenue that drives the aftermarket industry to such a frenzy. Even MOCO can't keep up with all the vertical markets...just how many ways can the company reinvent itself in the process...story to be continued! :D

    Here something I thought was neat, in the newspaper an aftermarket manufacturer has a Fuel Injection Retro Fit Kit to substitute form-fit atop your favorite 60's Holley 4BBL Carburetor equipped vehicle so you can have the attributes of carburetor but have EFI fueling your favorite cage $1800...DONE! Got me thinking, how hard would it be to retrofit modern EFI on my Sporty...gosh I'm scaring myself (or at least my pocketbook)! LOL :newsmile100:
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    Seems to be an HD thing. There's a good mix of Harley's and Metric bikes where I am and you don't see the radical bar changes on the metrics like you do on the HD's. I've changed to the heritage style bars on my 09 FLHRC, mainly because of a back issue but I do like the bars a bit higher than stock. Maybe there's not as many option's for the Metric's
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    I guess it's a statement of some kind to many of us as to what we think others will perceive us as. As many of you, I've rid'n for many years on a variety of makes and models. It's pretty much just a HD thing that some just like the look. If it works for ya, then just do it.

    I use to ride a hardtail chopper that had some radical apes on it. Just made the chopper look right for the style of chopper it was. Was it comfortable, heck no it wasn't. For that matter the seat was terrible, no suspension, only had 1.5 gallon tank on it and the list goes on. It's one of those things that non riders seem to identify it as a "outlaw" bike at the time. My current ride is an Ultra and in my own personal opinion, apes would look out of place. But, others think they rock! Comfort is in each of our own minds as to what works and not work.
    Ugly John
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    My dad has mini apes on his fatboy and he loves them. they fit it pretty good. I have riden a friend of mine that has apes that are so high they are actually against the law. they seem to make my arms fall asleep on long rides. That is just me. He said they do not bother him and he will not have anything else.
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    First pix is my '91 Springer. 14" apes, loved that bike. Second is my Wide Glide, these are the stock mini-apes with 2 1/2 risers. Currently I'm riding an 08 E-glide. Stock bars. Loved my apes, just too expensive to put them on an E-Glide.

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    the mini apes that harley puts out is as high as i will go on my everyday bike their comfortable and they look alright. ive got tall apes on my chopper. puts my hands about level with my ears. their really not comfortable and definately have control issues. the bike is basicaly a bar hopper and street cruiser that doesnt see many miles so i can tolerate it. certainly wouldnt have em on my hiway bike.
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate everyone chiming in. Personally I really don't care if you use them or not. Everyone has different tastes.

    I was really curious about the control issue, which according to most here seems to be a negative thing. I guess one benefit would be you would have the driest armpits east of the Pacific...............:D

    Everyone ride safe.....................
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    hello to all.I still have stock mini apes on my bob when used with highway peg's it's the best riding position and very comfortable,but are we ever happy apart from the day we collected our ride.I was looking at the new beach bar handlebar(55967-08) as i like the look and riding position,problem is i have only seen them on fatboy,roadking and wide glide,all these have a larger f/end then my bob,has anyone ever seen these bars on a street bob a pic would be great.My concern is that they will dominate f/end or be out of proportion to fork's,wheel,tank and take look from bike.All thought's,opinions and pics will be great.
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    Got the stock Mini Apes on my 09 StreetBob.
    I must confess I was doubtful before riding the bike: I was worried about a safe handling and about getting tired too fast.
    But after 1,500 km (almost 1,000 miles) I have to say that the Apes are great!
    Sure, they're not fit for riding fast in a winding mountain road, braking hard before each curve and dropping the bike on its side to run it: you need a lower handlebar and a more advanced position on the bike to do it!
    But going quietly, no hurry, slowing properly before hairpins.... it's a great ride and I enjoy it! :)

    They're also very confortable: this afternoon I had a 3 hour ride north of Rome and I arrived home no tired at all! (a sunny day with a mild temp, 13-15 °C, but some gusty wind...).

    About the "exaggerated" apes... if you run on straight roads I'm sure they're OK, but tricky when pushing a little in curves....

    Anyway, I do love the look of the bike with the Ape Hanger: it really looks like....