Any Road King owners from California??


I live in North Carolina and currently deployed, AGAIN!

I bought a California 07 RK thru the military sales, I got it new from the factory for $14,325 delivered to my hometown HD dealership. I want to change the pipes and install Rienhearts bubs to get a few more horsepowers and deeper throady sound. Anyone who has the Rienherats on their RK?? On the 07 Cali RK, will I be able to modify it i.e. pipes, power commander, stage 1 mods??

Can the Cali emmision be removed without to much hazzle?

Big Lou
I think the only real difference in a Cali bike is in the exhaust (if that). Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I have a T-max tuner, rinehart TD's & a stage 1 air cleaner on mine. They really arent enforcing anything on bikes out here just yet. Only organization I know of blasting people for mods is HD themselves. I believe they just don't want to honor warranty work. :s
You have a point about the warranty work. I've seen more excuses for getting out from under but it's mainly the dealers that can play ball or cause a problem.

The cali bikes usually have a different cam and an evap system fitted that stores the fuel fumes until the bike is running and it gets sucked into the engine and burnt.