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Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by Redfish-Joe, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    Since I have a removable tour pack on my Road Glide I would like to take it off from time to time for a different look. The question is what do I need to do for an antenna? Will the one off the tour pack work or do I need to buy another?
    I have thought of a Tune Trapper hidden antenna but then what to do with the holes in the tour pack??:dknow
  2. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    That's a thought. I will still have the CD player also. Thanks Richard.
  3. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    I have an antenna in the fairing that I am happy with. It is not the powered type, it is like a strip of tape. I don't really listen much to the radio, I have a Zumo 550 GPS and have added the GXM reciever antenna so I am not affected be weak reception. I have bought the lifetime service plan and just take everything from the bike to the truck.
  4. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    Thanks Smitty. I had it off and saw what you are talking about but wasn't sure what I was looking at.:p


    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    I was just going to say that if there is a female or male threaded insert to match the ends, most local hardware stores carry boxes of odd parts and adapters. I would bring the antenna end in and get the matching end...if it is a "coax" connector, look at SMA or BNC type connectors or similar from Newark, Allied, Mouser etc. for the appropriate mating connector. Just keep an open mind, "--there are always solutions."
  6. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    I put the powered antenna in the fairing and then put a shorty antenna on the tour pak just for looks. Didn't like the look of the empty stub with the antenna removed from the pak. With tour pak off, I now have the sleek, no-antenna look.
  7. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    Joe; When I got my Classic it had only a Tune Trapper in the fairing, and I thought reception was ok. I just put my whip back on for a trip and the # of stations and the quality of reception is much better. My buddy riding with me had a shorty and had trouble finding stations, I always had a big choice. I bought a "y" connector for the fairing. This plugs into the radio, and has 2 female connectors. The Tune Trapper is always hooked up, and the whip when the tour pack is on. If you want to run the t.pack w/o antenna on, there's all kinds of do-dads like mirror bezels at hardware store, rally pins, that can be adapted to the antenna holes. I bought a $5 shorty at O'Reillys that looks ok.
  8. lionsm53

    lionsm53 Banned

    B1-B guy and I put one of those ribbon types of antennas in my fairing yesterday that I got off of ebay for $21 and disconnected the stock one from the HK Unit. Seems to work great..!
    Rear end of the bike looks a whole lot better too.
    Big Improvement!!
  9. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    I think I'll go with what Smitty said about the screw in disconnect. I'll keep the antenna on the tour pack and buy a shorty to take on ane off as needed. Thanks all!!!
  10. Joyflyin

    Joyflyin Experienced Member Staff Member Moderator

    This is the one Glider sort of recommended & we put it on my husband's bike this summer. It seems to work well, but I will say he usually listens to the ipod or a CD. When he did listen to the radio, he didn't have any complaints. We do live in an area where reception is good for Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio, so if you live in a remote area, you may experience some loss of distance.

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