Another suspension lowering ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by time2cruise, Sep 15, 2009.

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    I've done a lot of research on this site and elsewhere about dropping my ride height. I ride 2 up a lot so I want to keep as close to stock suspension as I can. I've decided to with HD brand and do the shorter SG shocks in the rear and the lowering cartridge kit in the front. My question is, can I do the lower rear shocks first and then do the front lowering kit later? It would only be a short time, but I just can't do them at the same time. Will that mess up the geometry on the bike? Sorry for such a rookie question. Oh, my ride is an 04 UC.
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    I don't think so. I have a 09uc and I'm5'6" and had mine lowered by HD, I love it and I think the bike handles a little better'
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    "Mess up the geometry" - well I don't know about "messing" it up, but it will change the geometry and the weight distribution. If you are going with the 1" lower rear shocks, you should do the 1" lowering kit on the forks too. Can you get away with lowering just the rear and doing the front later, probably.

    When you go to do the fronts, you might consider the whole change out of the cartridge forks for the non-cartridge ones. You will still need the lowering kit too:

    Cartridge Fork Elimination. - Harley Davidson Community

    Makes maintenance a piece of cake!!
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    I added an inch to my soles which helped out emensly and i am 5'6"
    I got some new soles put on and it doesnt look like there was an inch difference from the old ones
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    Hmmm, now you've got me thinking. I should look at my front forks to make sure this hasn't already been done. It was in an accident before I bought it and they replaced both front forks. Wonder if they would have upgraded them at the same time???
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    Don't be fooled by 1 in lower shocks , the sevice manual says ride height (frame) is only 1/2 in lower with flhx shocks compared to flhtc/u. Lot of money for a 1/2 inch:s
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    I put a rear lowering kit on my 06 rd king and dropped it 1 1/8 inches so I could touch the ground better. I rode with it lowered for about 6 weeks . all the while thinking my riding skills were off key ( you know, bad day ) wandering in my lane, wobbly take offs, fighting a wind on the freeway even when it wasent windy! then, while riding 2up with my wife we bottomed out ( not hard, just scraped a little) so I thought! it shredded the rear wiring harness! not a hard fix just a real pain! I also bought a different pair of boots got my ride back and am well grounded!!!
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    I rode an 09 SG last weekend and the difference was amazing. I was very close to flat footed. I think with the SG suspension and a seat mod I will be very comfortable and not have the bottoming out issues I've heard about when I'm riding 2up.