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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 98fat, Sep 27, 2010.

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    OK, here it is. I have an intermittent ticking noise coming from my 98 Fatboy, I have S&S lifters with the limited travel kit with about 6k on them, 35k on the motor. I also have an auto chain tensioner in the primary. It sounds like its coming from the top end. But you know how sound travels. The sound is just now and then. Sometimes when the motor is hot and sometimes when the motor is cold. Lifter's not pumping up or staying that way? I would think if it was rockers or guides it would be all the time. When i say intermittent I mean every once in a while like once a week. But it has happened when I have been riding a while and the motor is warm. I changed the oil and the tappet screen is clean.

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    What oils/weights do you use???

    Have you thought to check the oil pressure on your bike with a Manual gauge? I bought the HD that mounts on the rear valve cover,, Good unit! Allows the use of the idiot light yet with the fitting supplied...

    My 97 evo seemed to make noise in the lifter area off and on also.... I did change out the lifters and was told to place the oil holes in the lifter Facing the motor....
    I think it said "they would get better oiled that direction and pump up sooner"

    I do remember THE noise and I did change out Lifters OFTEN until I found a set that kept quiet.. (no memory of what lifters)

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    I use 20-50 synthetic, usually Lucas or Mobile 1 and change it often. I have considered a gage but figured it would just scare the (EDIT) out of me when the motor was warm and idling..... I have always heard good things about the S&S lifters which is why I used them. I have the limited travel on them so shouldn't bleed down all the way anyway (if I understand how they work correctly). BUT its got to be a lifter, otherwise wouldn't be intermittant. Heading to Fayetteville, so hope I am OK, and will change them out when I get back.

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    I think the limiters are so they dont over pump & valve not close..
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    That is what I assumed as well, I wasn't familar with them, but the indy suggested them. But had heard about a kit that limited them from pumping all the way down to eliminate the clatter when first starting. Kinda like a semi solid lifter. Anyway, I am going to try to put the next set in myself, just because I want to know how to do it. I am going back to standard Harley lifters (not SE).

    Thanks all for the help. If your headed to Fayetteville have a good trip and be careful...:D
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    Is your cam compatable with the lifters?
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    One possible cause is aeration in the oil. This can usually happen after the motor has more time to get hot if I remember correctly. I have read of people trying to chase this problem down to solve it, usually without much luck. Most often it is the front intake lifter that is the culprit. It will cause the lifter to tick.

    Travel limiters keep the lifters from bleeding down.