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    I wonder what's going on with Harley these days? We have another long time Dealer here in the Bay Area of CA that's closing their doors for good. This Dealer has been doing business in the same location for about 20 years. About 2 years ago it was bought by somebody from Colorado. In there defence they tried to keep the same Service and Sales people so I didn't have a problem with continuing to shop there. The letter I got from them said that "due to the declining economy and inability to expand the business base they were being forced to close". Sacramento lost 2 of the 3 area dealships last year and the east Bay area has lost 4 or 5 dealers recently, others are wobbling. I understand that the economy is bad and bikes aren't selling but I would think the MOCO would cut production numbers, not close Dealerships. I don't think these guys are closing by choice, I think the MOCO is cancelling ther franchise's because they can't or won't expand. This particular Dealership has been in a small downtown location for a long time. The last owner was forced to sell it because he wouldn't build a "new dealership" according to the MotherShips designs. One dealer in San Francisco who has been located on Van Ness St. since the earley 1900's (Claimes to be the oldest Harley Dealership in the WORLD!) was forced to build and move to another location.......once again by the MOCO.
    There's a whole bunch of new rumors in the business news about "a hostile take over of Harley" too.
    I hope Harley isn't in so much trouble some outfit like AMF buy's em again, I don't think they could survive that kinda thing twice.
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    This seems to be going on all over the country...Unfortunately its the Ma n Pa old school dealers that helped make Harley what it is that are closing...not these new yuppie mega mall size dealers that act like your doing them a favor by walking inside!..:(
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    Bottom line is that less bikes are being manufactured. With less bikes manufactured the need for dealers dwindles, or otherwise stated as less dealers are needed to sell fewer bikes. It's commercial darwinism. While we like the convenience of not having to travel far to a dealer, in the current economic situation there are too many dealers.

    Look around your communities. There's too many banks, too many gas stations, too many fast food joints. I'm sure you're already seeing these places close as well. When there's less demand from hamburgers you'll see MacDonalds (& others) closing as well.

    Sign of the times (cliche). :small3d022:
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    no reason to think Harley is immune to the realities of the current economy. Motorcycle dealers are clawing to survive and some wont make it as in the USA they are all viewed as toy sellers and there isnt much money for toys right now. Even 4 and 5 dollar gas probably wont cause some huge rush to bikes especially 20k dollar ones. In the last 9 years the average age of a motorcyclist has aged 9 years...doesnt say much for creating new customers to keep it going. Enjoy it while you have it. At least the bike is relatively simple so you could work on it yourself if need be unlike some other "premium" brands...

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    Oversaturation of a declining market. Baby boomers don't seem to be buying into the motorcyle image. Plug in texting and cell phone cagers and the danger of being on the road exposed to them is more than some people want to experience. Glad I bought mine and the service manual. Sorry to see the dealers close up like they are.
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    When Dealers cut pay of the sales people you know they are in trouble, just like any big ticket item its about the bottom line, bike sales are flat if the dealers dont move inventory they will not get new stock, The MOCO is struggling just like every one else, JMO
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    ( and please take your cap. lock off, it's considered yelling. Thanks! )
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    My local dealer closed both their stores right in the middle of expanding, Now I ride to Delaware for a decent dealer, I don't mind the ride but I really liked the dealer I bought my bike from. I also noticed people collecting "dead dealer" shirts, I heard this term on numorous occasions.
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    Black Canyon HD, in Montrose CO. closed the 24th of December, they were a sister store of Grand Junction HD., which was part of Aspen HD and so on.
    What makes me wonder how can anybody with kids, a wife, and home, etc. work for a company who offers no benefits, of any kind.. Even there head Tech had to leave last year. He went to work for the County just to make ends meet.
    I always wanted to work at a local HD dealer, but they pay nothing.
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