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    I'm going to retire in the next year or so and I'd like to see some of this great country from the saddle of my Fatboy. I'll be travelling alone and staying in motels, I'm just too old and decrepit to camp. How do you guys (or gals) choose your motels and how do you secure your bike. The fatty doesn't have security other than the fork lock. My bags are nonremoveable but it's easy enough to empty them each night along with the quick remove windshield. Thanks for any input.
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    When we went to northern N.J. from Massachusetts a few years ago we happened upon a motel where we could park the bike right outside our rooms entrance. So you might want to consider that type of lodging where you could stay on the ground floor and the bike would be right outside your door. There is a good possibility that if you are a fairly light sleeper you just might hear someone tampering with your ride! We locked our forks and brought our luggage & valuables inside.
    If you happen to head up to New England on your sojourn, look me up here in Massachusetts. I can show you some really neat places here in the commonwealth.
    As an aside, I wish there was some kind of travel guide for the least expensive ( okay, cheapest) :s motels along my route. I'm not talking about a sleezy motel but rather a place that isn't going to break the bank. I just want a clean, comfortable bed and a shower so I can be on my way. The money that I would save would go along way towards travel expenses.
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    We prefer Best Western Motels when we can. We always find them to be clean. The free breakfast compensates a little for the price. I always slip a padlock in the front rotor behind the fork leg. I try to get a ground floor outside access room, and park the bike in front of the room, if not on the sidewalk. A couple of empty soda cans here and there will make some noise if the bike is disturbed. If I can't get an outside room, I have never been refused parking in front of the office. I make sure my ins. is paid up, and don't obsess about it any more than the :pabove.
  4. HDDon

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    I'm with Breeze that you can't obsess over security and parking in front of the lobby is a good idea. I do lock the forks and put a lock in the front caliper. I also carry a plastic covered chain and secure it to a solid post. There is an old saying that locks only keep honest people honest. I remove everything from the bags and trunk and usually leave the bags and trunk unlocked so some fool doesn't have to pry them open. I haven't tried the empty soda cans but it sounds like a good idea.
  5. bikemikewcr

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    I have the security system on the bike with the siren and pager. I lock the forks, ignition, put a disc lock on the front and I also use one of these on the rear wheel.

    It will not stop them if they really want it but it will slow them down. As the others said, make sure the insurance is paid and enjoy the ride.
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    On longer trips i am usually with my wife and i chain the 2 bikes together as well as having the steering locked and the bikes left in gear we also empty the bags for overnight stops and try and park the bikes in sight of the hotel reception or in the line of security cameras

  7. 01dynaglide

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    Get a room on the bottom floor and bring the bike in the room with you!:D
  8. SledDog

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    Somewhere close to my room, or the front desk, covered, with a set of Cobra Links thru the frame and front wheel. And that's just because I don't trust anyone. I've seen too much stuff happen to folks rides when traveling.
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    I'm very envious about your plans (but happy for you). I did about 30,000 miles on my Fatboy all over the Northeast. If it's in your budget I highly recommend a Zumo 660 Navi. If you spring for the Zumo a company called Madmaps makes motorcycle specific navigation maps that are amazing. Not only will it find great roads, at the end of the day it will guide to a meal and a place to sleep. I never had a security problem, I just took anything important into the room. Having said that, in all those miles and hotels and motels no one ever touched the bike. Good luck and enjoy.
  10. As stated, always get a ground level room with an outside entrance.
    We always stay at Super8 or equivalent, which is one small step above camping.

    The wife always sleeps inside on the bed. I sleep on the Ultra's seat with a pump shotgun on my lap.:D

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