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  1. Mad Dog Jim

    Mad Dog Jim Banned

    At the risk of revisiting an old topic...

    My last oil change I had done at a reputable local indy shop. Tired of the high prices at HD. (Doing my own from now on by the way)

    Anyway, they used Amsoil synth in the crankcase and I am pretty happy with it. I see on J&P that Amsoil has a new product (new to them at least)

    Amsoil 75W-140 Servere Gear Lube - Synthetic Extreme Preasure Lubricant.

    Any horror stories? I'm thinking Amsoil is a good product and this seems to fit right in to the theme.
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    AMSOIL- A brief history - Harley Davidson Community here is a good read for you
  3. Mad Dog Jim

    Mad Dog Jim Banned

    Thanks Jack.
    Semed to be alot about the politics behind the company, but still curious if there is anyone with a good or bad experience with the product.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I have Liked and had Such Good Luck with the Redline Syn. products over the years,, It is hard to imagine a change to try any thing else..

    I see by the weight that the gear lube Must be good Just because of what it says it is designed for..
    Amsoil is a good product and Many have used it for many years Also..

    It is hard to switch in mid-stream Unless there is a problem with a product..

    Let Us know what the results are for you over time.. When you drain the tranny,, IF ANY metal on your magnetic plug would tell me My stuff is better.

    20/50 Redline engine
    MTL in the Primary

    Redline Shockproof Heavy in the tranny,,, Never Ever Any Metal on the magnetic plug..(many bikes)

    The magnetic plug is one good way to see IF the lube is working Right..

    Many years ago,When I used Formal+, I had bits and slivers at drain time.. BAD !
    Started to use Shockproof and not a piece of metal since.:guitar

  5. pigrider

    pigrider Active Member

    I run Amsoil for a long time and was a dealer, but only to get the discount, I'm no salesman. Anyway I really liked it till I got a new helmet and started hearing a different noise on top end that I'd never heard before, sounded like pre ignition from 70 mph on up. Don't have a tach so don't know what rpm that is. Anyway went back to old helmet, couldn't hear it,put new helmet on, there it was again. Switched to Mobil 1 and noise was gone and have a tad bit better oil pressure
  6. 90FXRS

    90FXRS Junior Member Contributor

    I've been on the Redline for a bit. Really like it. You're in Indy? Here's a link for you.
    Red Line Oil

    I ordered online, went and picked it up. Saved 5%. It's in all three holes and runs like a dream.
  7. HarryB737

    HarryB737 Junior Member

    90FXRS, Indy= Independent Shop or he could have meant he was in Indy... either way that was a good link. Thanks
  8. 90FXRS

    90FXRS Junior Member Contributor

    I was wondering which way he was going with it. Thought I'd throw it out there in case he's in Indy.....Indianapolis.
  9. Terry Jackson

    Terry Jackson Member

    I can't speak for v-twin Amsoil, but I can for autos and boat motors. When I used to build race motors, I lost 2 motors due to Amsoil. It does not stand up to heavy loads or high surface speeds.

    B&W magazine tested Amsoil among most other outboard oils. For light load, it came out 2nd. For heavy loads, dead last, by a long shot.

    A well known boat drag race motor builder also has problems with it for 2 stroke motors. Cant' handle a load, high surface speeds, and high temps.

    It's NOT TCW3 certified.

    ONe other thing, they had a batch of oil that had a lot of "clumping" in it. They told this customer nothing was wrong, to go ahead & use it. I will never again use a product that has so little concern for quality control.

    My opinion is most oil has a safety factor, and amsoil takes up the safety margin with a lighter or thinner oil, giving the impression of better oil.

    As far as runnin cooler, don't measure oil temp, measure motor temp. Teh 2nd function of oil is to remove heat. And one that does a poor job of removing heat will run cooler while the motor is running hotter.

    The bottom line is it's your choice and your risk.
  10. JBC2565

    JBC2565 Junior Member

    Haven't tried Amsoil because been real happy with Mobil1 V-twin 20w/50 and can get it at local auto store.
    Seems like a pain to get Amsoil but I am switching to spectro in tranny designed for 6-speeds this spring so will see how hard spectro is to get.
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