Am I too short?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 07DynaSB, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. 07DynaSB

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    Hey Guy's, I need some input or opinions. I'm 5'7 and 160 lbs, I ride a 07 Dyna SB but lately been thinking about a more comfortable bike (Heritage ST Classic). I would like to be able to ride for a couple hours without having to stop and take a break. Am I too short to reach everything on a ST and be comfortable? thanks.....
  2. trickydoc

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    I think the Softails are the lowest of the HD's. I'm 5'9" and I ride a Ultra Classic, that I lowered a little with shocks. It's still a little tall with the Ultra seat, but its ok. I have a Road Glide seat that is lower but not as comfortable on long trips but its great just running around. A lot of the bike rallies have demo rides, and some dealers will give you a demo ride. check it out and have a ride on one. Good luck man.
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    You can always gain some height and confidence by purchasing a logger type boot. They usually have a 3" heel and 2" sole. You are correct in not stopping so often with a Heritage. On the Heritage, do to the ride quality you maybe able to run out a tank of gas before stopping and you will find your self riding all the more...:s You may end up saying you wish you had made the move sooner.....
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    If you have not considered it you might try changing out the seat you have to a more comfortable one before switching bikes. The ST's do sit the lowest and with floorboards they fit almost everyone.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    You will be fine, the floor boards are adjustable, the seat height will not be a problem, I am 5ft 7, 30 inch inseam and have had no problem with softails, I have owned 3 baggers in the past also, enjoy your riding:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Just for conversation...

    I put a Mustang Tractor looking seat on my 2000 FXDS right off new. It was Lower and felt so much more comfortable then that narrow log type stock seat...
    I would always ride until I Needed to stop for gas. (usually filled about the 80/120 mile area)

    It is always a good plan (from my point of view) to stop about every 80 miles for a break. Get off the bike and stretch and walk around for 5 minutes. I usually pick a scenic spot (when available)...:unsure

    The RIDE is sooooo much better after that Break.....:s

    Now in city places, it is usually at the fuel stops. Plenty of bikers around to chat with or admire their ride...

    Maybe even a McDonalds for a latrine stop...

    I boycotted big mac several years back... Over 30 years ago.
    Never EVEN went inside one again UNTIL the HDTimeline rides up in Phoenix.

    The riders met at Big Mac, outside parking area for our rides...

    Telling MY Boycott Story to several of our group, Later, THEN saying I was going into mac to relieve my self,,,,, SomeOne spouted OFF asking "you wont eat there but you'll Use their Bathroom???"

    My Response was; "Who said I was going to USE the BATHROOM"... :newsmile073: :newsmile100:

    ("SELF EDIT") Changed wording to get by here on HDT:bigsmiley25:

    I don't think it was Tank Kidding anything but he and others Knew I did not eat there AND why... OVER 30 Years and NOW HE GOES inside A big mac.?.?..

    Tank and I would usually walk WAY over to the high $$ Starbucks and coffee up waiting for some others to show up, as WE were always the early ones...

    Now about the seats again:

    Many different styles, models, makes. Seats BUILT differently to FIT almost anybody... Even getting the stock one modified at an upholstery shop might be the Cats Meow, or the Pigs SQUEEL...

    HD now has seats Marked for trial use and you can put it on your bike to see "IF"...

    High Dollar Items they are... But the RIGHT One is ALWAYS Well worth it.:s

  7. Joyflyin

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    I say no. :) I'm 5'7" & have had a softail deuce and am currently on a road king. I think you should be able to make minor adjustments that should get the bike to fit you.
  8. YnotBiker

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    I have a Fat Bob and a 30 inch inseam. I'm also 5'7". I bought a seat from to get a better fit on my Harley. They call it the "Renegade Heels Down", it lowers the seat closer to the ground and places the rider a few inches closer to the forward control pedals. The dealer will also sell you different seats, but at the time they cost more. A buddy of mine who does lots of touring took his Harley to an upholstery shop and they used gel inserts to make his seat more comfortable. You really have lots of choices if you look around.

    Good Luck!

  9. paulofornari

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    Hi, I'm Paulo, from Brazil. So, you're not too short to ride. I'm 5'3" & 200lb and ride my Deluxe'12 very well. I must take care with sloped parking, because is too hard push the bike backward, but is just it.

    Good luck na good rides.
  10. Upgrade

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    I'm 5'7" and just bought a 2013 Street Glide. My heals touch. I only considered the Street Glide so I'm not certain but have heard they sit the lowest.