Am I Expecting Too much?

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  1. Steve Di.

    Steve Di. Active Member

    I just had my bike's prewinter service done by a local non-dealer shop. I had the engine, primary, and secondary oil changed, rear tire replaced, and a battery tender installed.

    When I cleaned and waxed the bike prior to putting it away for the winter, I noticed oil on the oil reservoir, finger prints on most of the chrome, and oil on the under carriage and shocks (near the drains). It took me about thirty extra minutes to clean up the mess left by the tech. They also failed to pump up my rear brake after they changed the tire. I discovered this when trying to stop when leaving the shop.

    This was my first experience with these guys and I am not sure if I will go back there.

    Is this the norm or is this just a sloppy shop.
  2. dogdad

    dogdad Active Member

    I would rather clean my own bike as I don't know what alot of those guys are wiping and cleaning my bike with( making swirl marks).
  3. Steve Di.

    Steve Di. Active Member

    Thank you all for your responses. It is the self-help section that drew me from another Harley site to this site. I particularly enjoy the "how to" videos and tutorials.

    I have been doing most of the maintenance on my truck and my wife's Jeep so, I think it is safe to say that next year I won't be paying anyone to change my bikes's oil.

    I realize the shops have to make a profit in order to stay in business, but I hate paying someone else to do what I am capable of doing myself.
  4. wildspirit97

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    There is always that satisfaction of doing a job yourself and knowing it's done right...and there's the advantage of not having to make an appointment on someone else's schedule.
  5. krikket

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    Exactly!! Buy yourself an HD manual and you'll have all the instruction you'll need. And this site is here to help, if you need it. I learned a lot just from seeing people post questions and watching all the different answers and ideas. There's a lot of very smart people here with a lot of experience, and there are just as many people with little or no motorcycle experience at all (me:D).
  6. hntwrobin

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    I have been on all sides of this equation an indy shop a customer of both indy and dealer. It all boils down to the same thing attention to detail! the other thing I have seen and dealt with is the impatient customer. Drop the bike off for a major service and they want it in a couple of hours or next day. Rush the job and yu get shoddy work! Another big variable and this is in any business is the technician, what is their level of committment. Lousy mechanic lousy work. I had one guy that had to be followed up on all the time. Go where you feel comfortable or do it yourself. I prefer doing my own work that way I have noone to blame but myself and it is my machine and I will do the best job.:D
  7. saybel

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    Whenever I have picked-up my bike from the dealer, it is super clean, looks like it just came off the showroom floor.
  8. Steve Di.

    Steve Di. Active Member

    I saw the forums on this site that are dedicated to guys desiring to turn a wrench and have "how to" questions, as opposed to endless threads of fingerless glove, @@less chaps, and poser flame-threads. This is now my preferred Harley site!:D

    Since I am new to the bike world, I assume the term Indy refers to an independent shop, as in a non-dealer. Is that right?
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  9. scrinch

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    That is correct.

    I had the 1000 service done at the dealer and spent the next days trying to find why the bike was squeaking when I shifted. This forum is where I found the answer. They had the drive belt tension all wrong.

    Cost of Dealer service $250.00

    Satisfaction of Doing it yourself ....Priceless
  10. glider

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    I know you will do well.:s

    All it takes is honesty and fair prices, the rest falls into place on it's own.