Am I crazy?

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by Crzy Canuk, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Crzy Canuk

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    I have only been on this forum for a couple weeks, but I have a question for you guys.
    I will be taken delivery of my new 09 Street Glide, that I have the dealership do a 103" upgrade right off the bat, sometime next week, say around 24th or so.
    The dealer tells me that I need to have the first service done @ 1600km (1000miles) and then need to bring it back @ 2500km (1550miles) for the dyno tune and they do another oil change after the dyno tune.
    Ok, so theres the history....
    MY buddy and I are planning a trip from Vermilioin Ab, to Phoenix AZ at the begining of April to make the Nascar race there on 10 April 10.
    My question is to all of you between the border crossing @ Sweetgrass MT and Phoenix AZ. Is it advisable to take such a trip so early in the riding season? We are thinking that its gonna take a good 3 maybe 4 days to get there depending on weather.
    Please let me know what your thots are and any advice you might have.
    Thanks in advance,
    p.s. sorry for the wall of txt.
  2. Adamal47

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    Well that's really a question of opinion. Some people are die hard riders and no matter rain, shine, snow, avalance, tsunami, or nuclear explosions will keep them from the open road. I like bright sunny days however. It's personally up to you if your up to it.
  3. dhorne

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    Being canadain i Believe that if your thinking of it just do it , the adreilin of having a new bike will far outcry a little weather or a few snowflakes that are liable to happen up until may long , go for it!!!!
  4. Safehaven

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    Go for it!

    But remember to take appropriate clothing for things you can expect (Cold, rain, ..) take your time and enjoy the trip!

    Take care,
  5. ultrat

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    correct gear.... i have got frostbite on fingers & toes when yonger not good, from then on must be carafull......
  6. TQuentin1

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    I think you are worried about such a trip on a brand new bike, right? I suggest just doing a good job of breaking it in. See the self-help pages for a suggestion on break-in procedures. See here:

    Break In For An Engine Upgrade - Harley Davidson Community

    You may choose to do a quick engine oil and filter change shortly thereafter, and may want to consider up-grading the engine oil to a FULL synthetic vtwin 20W-50 engine oil.

  7. Mattman4403

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    Looks like you are going down through Bute and Helena skirting in and out of the mountains.
    you will need some good gear for cold and wet. Leave a day or two early as you could get hung up or have to divert around a pass . Once you get below Utah or so things should start to clear up for you. When you get to Phoenix, you have the reverse. You need to keep cool and keep hydrated. Don't know if you have toured before or if this is the first leap out in the world of two wheel touring. If you have done the distance before you know about changing conditions. If this is the first time out. Take your time and have some fun.
  8. itellya

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    ....thats why we Canadians who ride because we can and we will....whenever, however. I came back from New Brunswick to Ottawa Ontario in mid April with snow flying all around me. You should of seen the people in the cars as I drove by. bony chance

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    I picked up a FirstGear one piece rainproof riding suit after a cold 3 day ride this fall. I rode 45 minutes to work this morning and it was 35 degrees when I left the house and I was comfortable. I put on a fleece pull over as it can get cold in the chest area. I figure its well worth the $150. Of course I had to buy one for my wife too if I want to have one for myself when we ride together - Bob
  10. glyd-n

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    Dude, saddle up and go for it! Have fun and be safe. Wish it was me.:D:D