Alway check the work that is done by the HD repair tech

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    Took the bike to HD dealer on 1/31/12 for a stator repair because I have the ESP. Sense then I felt a occasional clunk on the left floorboard so I decided to check the clutch adjustment. Well the clutch adjustment screw was turn out over 2 full turns when it was only suppose to be turned out 1/2 to 1 turn max. So I decided to change the oil so I would be sure that the required 36 oz of oil was in the primary, I only recovered 26 oz of oil from the primary. I guess the HD repair tech just doesn't know how to read a repair manual.
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    Always a good idea to make sure the work is done correctly. This is why I try to do as much of the maint. work that I can. This forum has saved me $$ and time with all the great members and moderators we have. Add to this the satisfaction I get from doing the work myself and knowing that it was done correctly. I do understand using the ESP though, but I would always make sure it was done the right way.
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    I think perhaps you should return to the dealer and speak to the owner and inform him of your findings in a quiet calm manner and suggest that perhaps some monitoring or retraining may be required as other customers may not be as calm and polite as yourself
    then wait for the reaction to see what happens

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    YIKES! :newsmile077: I never trust them and always verify anything I allow them to do. The time they touch my ride is for warranty work. Too bad you can't trust the man with the wrench in his hand like days of old. :wall

    Glad you caught it before it became catastrophic! This is the place to get unbiased and honest answers. Happy riding. Joe
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    Lost 4th gear on my Sportster and couldn't find an answer to the problem so I took it to my dealer.
    4th gear came apart (literally). Looked like metal fatigue.
    All the parts were out of the tranny, laying on a parts cart. I could see the bad gear. They were going to replace the bad gear and they did.

    The clutch basket was sitting on the cart, already out of the tranny. I wondered what shape the clutch was, seeing how it was original from my 2002. They said, "Oh it can be checked in 5 minutes." They did check it but because I asked, it became a work operation, I was billed for checking a clutch that was already out of the bike.

    There wasn't any extra work for removal and replacement. Already out because of the bad gear.
    If I knew they were going to charge me for a separate inspection, I'd have put the money towards a new clutch.
    Ended up with the original clutch.
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    Guess I'll be checking my own work then...:D :s

    $60 service manual pays for itself in saved labor costs @ 1st self-serve maint...
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    I had a very similar experience at a Midas shop getting a 4 wheel break job. I was sitting int he shop waiting for it while they worked on it cuz it was my only mode of transportation at the time.....while looking through the window on the floor at my 4 tires on the ground I asked the service manager if he would rotate my tires while they were off. He agreed.......when time to pay the bill there was like a $39 charge for tire rotation (I forget the exact amount now its been many years but it was enough to make me angry). Really?!?!?!? I was calm and collected at the start of the conversation with the guy and said all 4 tires were off the car why the additional charge (and just before people ask.....they were not ballanced....just rolled front and rolled rear).....He said "the computer adds that automaticall when we enter the job order in the system" but did not offer to remove it. I said took the "mechanic" 0 extra time to rotate those tires I won't pay it......he said then you won't be getting you car back! Needless to say I paid the $ in a heated exchange of words with me being sure every customer in the place knew EXECTLY every detail of how these guys took me for a ride and have never been back since!

    This is one reason I am very jealous of you guys on here that are mechanicaly able! I admit I am not at all mechanically proficient.....but love to ride and am forced to pay the extra $ at the shops for service and repairs!
  8. gusotto

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    Lonely feeling, getting a raw deal as you did. They were going to have to put the tires back on anyway. Then they blamed the extra charge on the "computer."

    I was one of the lucky owners with my 2001 Toyota Tacoma.
    In for an oil change and they called, said my frame was rusty and I qualified for a new frame. FREE!

    1995.5-2004 Tacomas had a rust problem. The American company that stamped out the frames didn't do a proper rust-proofing, Toyota didn't catch it so if the frame has any perforation, they replace the frames (2001-2004) or buy-back (1995.5-2000) the truck @1.5 KBB, excellent condition. You can be hauling wood, it's still considered excellent condition for the buy-back.

    Replaced the frame, rear springs, lower control arms, brake lines w/e-brake cable, hardware, recharge A/C, new anti-freeze, hardware and labor. All free!
    My drive train was good, they lifted off the cab and box. Just slid the new frame under and rebuilt the frame.

    Here is the common sense kicker that Midas should have done.
    Because the old shocks were going to be placed back on the new frame, if I wanted new shocks, just buy them (any brand) and it would be free labor. The work operation was easier for the mechanic. Same job, old or new shocks. It was easier for him because he didn't have to take the old shocks off.
    Same deal with exhaust. Same work operation labor wise.

    They treated me right! Already had a new Toyota exhaust but I did buy new Toyota shocks. Toyota has a deal. Buy Toyota replacement shocks and/or exhaust, after that it becomes life-time free parts and labor if needed again.

    The tires were already off at Midas. What difference would it have been to roll them to another wheel?
    They took advantage of the moment and lost a customer. Maybe more customers than just yourself.

    Toyota treated me well. I didn't even know of the replacement program. It isn't a recall thing. It is handled differently.
    They called me and said I qualified!
    The bill sent to Toyota was between $11,000-$12,000.
    Only thing I paid for was some new shocks and they discounted that price.

    Oh by the way, when they put the tires back on the truck, they rotated them!

    Customers remember when treated fairly and never forget when taken advantage of!
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    I went in and talked to the service manager and I was polite and calm. I did point out the amount of oil that was recovered and he claimed that not all the oil comes out of the primary when doing a oil change, then I pointed out that when the primary cover is removed it is required to put in 45 fluid oz of oil, so if I was just doing a oil change in the primary I should of recovered 36oz of oil not 26 oz. I also mentioned that there was no excuse for the clutch to be that far out of adjustment.
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    The tech does not want to loose out on the time paid for rotating tires even if they all are off vehicle. Nor does the desk guy care if he looses a customer, so long as the Tech does not give him a hard time for not getting paid. So the customer is the one that looses once and the repair shop looses many times for the customer will not go back to them.. This is why this happens. The service facility just does not think...:newsmile077:
    As to rechecking Hd Tech's work I agree 100%. Most repair facilities are on the get rich quick plan. Cutting corners is where its at. Unfortunately this thought process is more important, than trying to keep customers coming back, which is where you really win...:newsmile077: