Almost an Ouch!!

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    I just changed the tranny oil and was out letting things warm up to see if everything felt good. I had just done the 95" upgrade and cams and camplate and now have 2k since the upgrade. Being a racer, AMA, back in the day, I try to listen to and feel everything about my scoot and after about 5 miles, everything sounded/felt goood so I get to a stop sign out in the country and decide to wring it out. Pull off the line gently, take it up to about 10mph then romp on the throttle. The bike really starts to get with it and, here comes the power shift into second, just as I let out the clutch, "BOOM", Thank God I have a rev limiter, Oh my, I've missed a gear, shift up to recover, nothing, catch another gear, nothing, another, nope, "Oh Shucks" (not what I said) I blew the tranny, wait, what's that buzzing sound coming from outback, I look and "thank Goodnes", I've blown the belt, Whew, Thank ya Jesus. Got it to my shop, (trailer) and have decided to go with a 33 tooth front pulley because first goes by so quick that I waste time having to shift so often and the extra torque and cubes don't seem to be getting used. I figure one more tooth up front ought to get me about a 130 rpm drop at 60mph so I should still be able to use the cubes and mid-range of the cams to still have a strong pull. I ride pretty good distances and have 97k on the bike and the bike seems to be winding a tad at 80mph so I thought I give the bigger sprocket a try. what do you guys think? ---jack
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    Sounds like you have a good planJack,, from another Jack