AirHawk Vs. Road Zepplin....and others.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HwyKnight, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. HwyKnight

    HwyKnight Member

    I just tested an AirHawk seat-pad on my stock 1010 FLHTK for about 500 miles. I was a bit unimpressed, but it was definitely better than nothing. Has anyone tried the AirHawk pad and compared to a Road Zepplin seat? If so how do they compare? Are there any other seats that compare, favorably to the AirHawk?
  2. Udawg

    Udawg Member

    I haven't tried the Road Zepplin but I too am not impressed with the Airhawk. I actually use an Alaska Leather sheepskin that I like better than the Airhawk. Still looking for that great seat though.
  3. gusotto

    gusotto Junior Member

    I have a Mustang seat.
    I tried an Airhawk pad but I returned it. Felt like I was sitting on a bowl of jello.
    Also changed my line-of-sight. I ended up sitting higher and looking higher over the windshield.
    Also I had to readjust my mirrors.

    Might be fine if you have a stock seat that needs improvement but hard to improve on my Mustang seat. I did 500-600 mile days on my Ultra and never thought I needed anything better.

    Besides, the price of an Airhawk would make me leary of leaving it on the bike while parked.
  4. Slapp

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    Can't beat a Mustang seat (with back rest) short of a custom seat made just for you. At todays prices it seems taking a stock seat and haveing it transformed to suite you is the better and cheaper way to go.
    Good Luck.
  5. glenalt

    glenalt Junior Member

    I run an Air Hawk on the stock seat and love it. If you inflate it too much it does feel weird. It doesn't take much air to be comfortable.
  6. bonsi57

    bonsi57 Active Member

    I just ordered a Mustang seat from Dennis Kirk for my FLHTK. They are offering an additional 10% off their price for one week. Best deal I found even beating e-bay pricing. I had good experience with Mustang in the past.
  7. HogHappy

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    I have had a Mustang seat on all 5 of my bikes in the past, when I am ready to sell I put the stock seat back on and have sold the Mustang seat on line, you probably could find a used one one line. Onther thing I do is go to the I.K.A. store and buy a $20 sheep skin and just cut it to fit.
    Hope my 2 cents helped:42:
  8. inman123

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    I use a Zepplin seat on my electra glide, and would never change it, best seat I have ever used,
  9. ironmark

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    I have a AirHawk seat and it just sits in storage I didn't like the way I sat on the bike with it so I put it away. A seat is kind of like a windshield, you have to find one that is just right for you. I got lucky and found a very comfortable seat and believe it or not I got it from HD it is the "Leather Low-Profile Bucket Seat" HD part#52095-08A at a cost of $299.95. I have no problem doing 600 miles or more in a day with this seat so it works well for me. I did find that HD seat are reasonably priced.
  10. porterjet

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    The zepp is way better than the airhawk.