Aircleaner, pipes and EFI

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bernhardz77, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. bernhardz77

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    Hi everybody,

    I am looking into changing the stock air filter and pipes on my '09 SG. I am looking at the Kuryakyn Hypercharger and either Screaming Eagle or Reinhard slip-ons.

    I have a couple of questions.

    1. What third-party components void your warranty? The Reinhards claim an increase in horse power, so one could make the argument that is stresses the engine more than stock.

    2. What downloadable EFI maps does Harley have available for it's dealers to adjust to these various components, especially common third-party ones? How critical is the EFI map download when changing these two components?


  2. sambo725

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    i have thunderheader 2 into 1 and ness big sucker ac and niterider xiedon the o2 sensors on my 08 sg and she runs great
  3. bernhardz77

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    Thanks for the info on the warranty.

    I have heard many times that people swap out the stock EFI to a different one such as the PowerCommander or other. However, it seems to me why change a perfectly good working part (except for of course when we have a good reason such as the sound of the pipes) when it can be reprogrammed by the dealer.

    Are there other reason why you would switch to a after market EFI controller?

  4. RottMan

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    Hey, I'm in the same boat.

    I bought my 09 SG last night and the dealer told be to save my money on a tuner. If I was just doing mufflers (Reinhardt slip-ons) and intake (SE Heavy Breather) then the Stage I download would be all I needed. He instantly saved me about $200!

    So that's what I'm doing tonight right after work...going to get the download and riding home to install the pipes and intake.

    Wish me luck!:s
  5. zyepod

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    Okay... Help me out a little here... I have an 08 EG thats stock. Not really wanting to go loud with pipes but would like a little more kick. (Power Comander, Air Filter, and or not)
  6. glider

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    I would do the TFI and the stage 1. Best bang for the buck and no extra dyno time.
  7. Scubadog

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    Fuel managers such as the PC III are user friendly, easy to install and you can make custom adjustments to suit your set-up and riding style. You own it and you program it for FREE from then on. Change exhaust, change the map. No charge. Buying a self programmable fuel manager is the best choice if Stage 1 is as far as you plan to go. A fuel manager is like buying a 100ft tape measure. A dealer download is like buying a 12inch wooden ruler that you use once and throw away. Both work, but which one would you really rather have??
  8. tderksen

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    What about aftermarket EFI like ThunderMax AutoTune?
    has anyone used one of these? I have a 2009 FXSTC that I am still running 100% stock. I was looking at the stage one upgrade from my HD dealer, and there is a componant that they put in that is about $550 which is an add-on to the stock EFI. I am not sure I see the difference between that and a PCIII which is less than the HD part, and I have a client with a Dyno that will tune my bike for free.
    But, the Thundermax EFI brags about being a replacement to the stock HD EFI and never having to Dyno it again?
    so many options.....
  9. wildspirit97

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    I like the Thundermax, and there are many +++ to using it other than Auto tunning. It's a lot of $$$ but to me it's worth it. It comes with a 3 year warranty, excellent customer support, The wide band sensors mean better tunning. It keeps a log of your engine temps and and rpm's that you can look at any time. it has an engine temp alarm that you can set to what ever temp. you want to be warned about. you can adjust the AFR to engine temp settings meaning how much AFR during warm up and you can even richen it up a little if it starts getting a little too hot. while "linked up you can monitor you engine temp,afr,timing,outside temp,idle speed, and many others. it's very precise in the tuning, it has 32 throttle position settings for every 2000 rpm's for afr adjustment. If you wanted to you could also put it on a dyno and play timing or the rear trim and probably get a couple more horses out of it, but it runs great out of the box. you could also take it off and put it on a different bike if you wanted.

    Bottom line it's a good unit, if you buy it won't be sorry......on the other hand that doesn't mean that you would be happy with something else.:D
  10. eleft36

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    And, what's on your FXST.

    I'm not satisfied with how my bike runs, it's a lot more comfortable than my '03 sportster but doesn't run as well.