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    G'day fella's,
    it's been a while since my last query but everything has been going well and the advice I got from you lot has been a great help.
    Now I'm after an Air Cleaner cover but the one that I think will do the job says it has no cut out at the bottom. My bike is a 1990 Springer with the 1340 Evo and I'm running a HSR42 Mikuni with a Screamin' Eagle cover that has a cut out that faces forward. I doesn't go around anything so I'm wondering if it's relevent on a mikuni carb. Perhaps the standard
    40mm Keihin cover needed a cut out but I don't know why.
    Any and all replys greatfully accepted.
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    The stock air box on your softail is very restrictive in the air flow it allows and would not flow sufficient air for the mikuni carb so mikuni designed the cover with the cut out to allow sufficient air flow when used with the stock air box
    If the air cleaner has been upgraded with a screaming eagle or other hi flow system the air box is replaced by a mounting plate which allows the air access between the mount plate and the cover
    If a high flow system is fitted then the cut out is required in the cover
    The stock air box is completely sealed with a small extension that draws the air in through 2 small holes that sit behind the exhaust cross over pipe

  3. Jack Klarich

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    [​IMG] Does it look loke this? The cut out was for around the top of the carb if I remember right, seems to me the air intake on the backing plate pulled air in between the cylinders