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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Product Review' started by Dr. Dolittle, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Dr. Dolittle

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    I've ridden for 5 or 6 hours now with my new Aileron grips by HD installed so if anyone's curious, here's my review.

    Install was extremely easy - a "caveman" job as Smitty is fond of saying. Probably took me all of 15 or 20 minutes.

    Grips look really nice - just a little touch of chrome in an area thar was previously solid black with the stock grips.

    The texture and softness of the grips is perfect - a little softer than the stock grips and a pleasure on the hand whether bare or gloved. There is a slight narrowing of the grip on the inboard part where your thumbs rest which feels totally natural. Then there is the ridge on the forward side right where your knuckles bend that, again, feels perfect.

    I had been using a Crampbuster on my stock grips to give my right hand a break when not using the cruise but the ergonomics of this Aileron grip make the Crampbuster unnecessary.

    In short, I'm very happy with them, quality and comfort wise.
  2. Moucheter

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    Thanks for the info Dr... I was planning to change mine so I will defenitely look at those one before making my decision.
  3. Davidw2415

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    When I bought my Fatboy there was a Heritage Classic on the floor that had the Aileron Grips. I really liked the way they felt as well as the look. I've planned on getting them for my bike ever since i got it; I just haven't gotten around to it yet, But I will, someday.
  4. Skratch

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    I put them on my Ultra last week and really like them. 10x better than stock.

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  5. ugocon

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    Changed to Ailerons few months ago on my Street Bob.
    Nice feelings and great look: the metal inserts look great! :p

    Only one thing on the finish: the coupling between the rubber and the metal in one grip is not perfect, the junction is jagged, it seems they didnt cut all the rubber in excess.

    Anyway, great purchase!

    On the other hand, the Aileron footpegs are inexplicabily expensive!:52:
    They cost more than twice of any other HD footpeg with apparently NO reason!

    I couldn't get a complete Aileron set for both grips and footpegs: I bought the Flame series for the latter (good quality, great look and... much cheaper!:s)

  6. Skratch

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    Agreed on the footpegs. I was looking at the Streamliner collection at my local HD store when a guy with a Street Glide said he had a set that were used about a month. Bought the floorboards, brake pedal and shifter pegs for $135.00.

    They look awesome.
  7. HogWyld

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    love mine
  8. wildman9

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    I have had the aileron grips on my last couple of bikes and they are very comfortable and easy to grip.
  9. Grillfish

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    Based on Dr's post above, I went to the local HD dealer 10 minutes away, got my 10% off and picked up a set of these grips. When I got there the service Mgr was getting a set to put on a new bike a guy bought and I got the last set.. Phew.

    Easy to install. I had to ajust the throttle grip a few times on the splines to get the thumb and front grove just right, but all in all easy to change and very comfortable.

    Once it stops raining, I'll take it out for a loger ride tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for the post and the feedback!
  10. scts

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    Got a set on my Fatboy and really like them - both form and function.