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    I wish that I had Andrews adjustable pushrods. The other day I was adjusting my Screamin Eagle pushrods and while I was locking the adjusting screw down the nut cracked. I was able to make a new nut up using a 1/2 hex nut and drilling it and tapping it. I don't know if my dealer will be able to get the proper nut for me on time as I am leaving for a little trip this week. The nut that I used is probably just a grade 5 nut, but I don't really think that it should make a difference. If it was an Andrews pushrod I could phone the engineer there and he would most likely send me out a new nut. I might call him for advice anyhow. Who would you call at Screamin Eagle? Do they even have a contact number?

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    Uh, was that a rhetorical question? :D Screaming Eagle parts are probably made by Andrews or similar maker and they would probably sell you the part, but if you are asking for customer service or a contact number you could try...but likely you would have as much a possiblity of satisfaction as a BIG FOOT sighting up there in the woods. Likely you will get great customer service from Andrews. JMO
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    It shouldn't matter who's nut you use as long as they have the same threads per inch (tpi). You may even find the proper size nut at a local NAPA store if you have one near.