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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by slopdogg, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. slopdogg

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    Hello, I'm new here and to biking, i have a yamaha R1 but not realy into that anymore i want something to cruise and injoy the ride. And it has to be a Harley:D, I've been looking and debating for a while now can't seem to make the final choice, new, used, type, in the new few weeks i'm buying one. would like a lil advice from people that have them and ride them not the sales man just trying to sale something. I like the Fatboy, Fatboy lo, Duce which is used, the herritage, or street glide, I want to ride to differnt places not going across the world, yet just get away for a few days at a time maybe a week at the most from time to time. kinda want best of both worlds i want to be able to ride a few hundred miles a day but also cruise around town and stuff also. Do you need a big touring big to travel what do ya'll have what is some equipment i need to make my trips easyier bags and things Thanks.
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    Unfortunatly there is no way for anyone to tell you what you want except yourself. My advice is to go to a dealership. DO NOT TALK TO THE SALESMAN and just browse around. Sit on a few bikes. How does it feel. Once you figure out what you like and don't like then you can talk to a salesman and tell him what YOU want not what he/she wants you to buy. As far as new or used you have to figure out what is in your budget with respect to your priorities. Is a warranty important to you? Are you handy with a wrench and can work on it yourself? Take a test ride and when you come back ask to try another one just for the heck of it. I have a heritage and I find it comfortable for the most part. The seat is kinda hard but those can be replaced or reupolstered. The saddle bags don't have alot of storage space but enough for a couple days ride (then you bungie stuff to the back seat).
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    If trips are the goal. A bagger is what I would suggest. If it is going to be with your wife or girlfriend you will need every bit of space a bagger provides..............
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    My 2 cents,

    Take several models for a test ride to see if it feels right, looks right, and has the accessories you might want. As mentioned, if trips are going to be your primary riding, you should lean towards a bagger, can't have too much storage IMO.
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    Picking a bike is such a personel thing. You say you want the best of both worlds, and from your post you will be riding like most of us here. A short or long trip and riding around the area you live, this is what Harleys are made for, and you can do this on any bike in the Harley line up. You did not say if you are going to be riding solo or two up most of the time, but most of the bikes can be ridden either way, with the touring models having a little more room. If 2 or 3 day trips will be something you want to do than you might be looking for a touring/bagger or the Heritage Softail. I have a '94 Heritage and an '05 RoadGlide. The newer Softails have a counterbalanced motor and are smoother running than the older models. The touring bikes rubber mounted motors and are very comfortable out on the road. Don't let the size fool you once you have ridden any of the models for a while they are easy to handle. So which bike is for you? As was mentioned before sit on all of them and than take a couple of test rides. If you think one feels right, see about renting that model for a day. You will know when you finally find the one. Good hunting, and let us know how it turns out.
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    Keep an eye open for a dealer demo and try some out. That may help you decide what feels right.

    You can pack just about any bike for a solo long weekend trip. If it's an over night with a significant other, a touring model might be a consideration. If it's just to ride around when the sun is out, a soft tail or even a Dyna could be an option.

    If I was in the market, I'd look for used. There are lots to choose from. Most have been upgraded/modified already which can save you a lot.

    But, if it has to be a Harley Davidson, I suspect there was one particular model that has caught your eye/heart.

    Hope to read where your search takes you and how you came about your choice.

    Good luck!!!
  7. Jeff Klarich

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    +1 on what everyone said, good advise.
  8. slopdogg

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    Thanks for the input, i want to be able to take the windsheild and bags off or put them on, i will mainly be riding one up. so i think it will be the HSC or Fatboy lo,when i get back in country i will go take ya'll advice and ride or rent them. I know for looks what gets me is the flat black fat boy lo. i just like the raw look. but it has to be comfortable first. i'm only 5'7" so need lo seating bike to reach the ground.
  9. Dr. Dolittle

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    You've gotten some top notch advice here but let me add a few things:

    1. DO NOT RUSH! Unless you have unlimited resources, it's very expensive to buy a bike and decide a year later it's not the one for you and have to go out and get another one.

    2. Sitting on bikes in the dealership is an important first step but don't allow yourself to make a decision based on how terrific a bike looks or feels in the showroom. A model's true personality sometimes takes hours or even days out on the road in the real world to reveal itself. Look into renting from a dealership or outfits like Eagle Rider when you've narrowed your choices down to 1 or 2 bikes.

    3. You mention wanting to take the shield and bags off. All the Touring bikes as well as the Heritage look pretty silly with the bags off, IMHO. Road King is the only Touring bike that allows you to ride without the shield/fairing. The new Dyna Switchback sounds like it might be right up your alley.

    Good luck, happy hunting, and let us know what you decide! We're here to answer any further questions or overwhelm you with further advice!
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    My advice, "Someday you will own a bagger." I had all the variations of metric sport, touring and cruisers. When I joined the Harley ranks I went straight to the Baggers and never looked back. I bought new a 2008 EG and have never thought I made a mistake except that I did not get a Ultra at the time.:s
    Oh well.:)