Advice on not getting caught out or ripped off

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    I've started this thread for forum users to share bad experiences , with suppliers, in the hope to prevent other riders getting caught out or ripped off by dishonest suppliers.

    I have recently had a very negative experience and would like to share it. Recently I engaged the services of a leather seat upholesterer. My plans were to have a bespoke seat made for my bike, something to really stand it out from the crowd.

    After searching hard to find a company with the skills I required I found Caer Urfa Leather in South Shields UK. After a very promising initial conversation with them, in which I detailed my design concepts and plans for the the bike, they left me reassured I was in safe hands. They requested I send my seat to them so the project, which was forecasted as being about 21 days, could commence.

    On receipt of the seat they made plans on how to approach its recover, which I was somewhat excluded from. They asked me to submit outline artwork for them to work with, with clear instruction that they would sort out the art detail.

    Well it all went wrong from there! I started to receive emails telling me what they were doing and highlighting how they were not going to fit aspects of the brief. Eventually I realized they had simplified the seat shape design, change the colour planned for the seat and not only changed the artwork design but had opted to trace copy a photo image from the internet, no doubt ignoring all artist copyright.

    Concerned about these developments I sent the upholsterer an email expressing some concern over whether the end article would meet any of the projct brief. The upholsterer then through his toys out of his pram, refused the work and has been sending nasty emails since, most of which are liabless.

    Here's the worst bit. The upholesterer has my seat and is refusing to return it. They are attempting to extort money from me, even though no work has actually been started on the seat. So for obvious reasons my advice is stay well clear.....These people should be avoided at all costs.

    On again the company name is CAER URFA LEATHER of South Shields UK.

    Avoid at al costs!!!!