ACR valves...right forum?

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  1. Mickey13Harley

    Mickey13Harley New Member

    Can the ACR valves on the new 103's be burned out by over revving the motor going through the gears? If so, can that damage the motor itself?
  2. Mickey13Harley

    Mickey13Harley New Member

    I took the bike into the dealer for a couple of minor adjustments. Those done, the tech did a test ride. I heard the bike go down the rode, shifting up to fourth gear. Sounded like he was hitting 4000 to 4500rpms and motor braking between shifts. Bike supposedly came back, backfired, and refused to restart. Dealers explanation was that ACR valves were mysteriously frozen open not allowing compression to build. Never seen it happen before, noone's fault, see you next week. This is a brand new bike with the usual tuner/exhaust upgrades and about 100 miles. Are they full of (EDIT) , or has anyone else seen this problem? Thanks, Mickey

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  3. Bodeen

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    Not sure if I have heard of an ACR causing motor damage. I guess if run lean enough for long enough anything is possible.... Why not share the whole story maybe we can help out. Welcome to the Forum!
  4. dbmg

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    Something smells fishy to me. The check engine light should have come on is excessive lean condition that the o2 sensors would have picked up........
  5. Harttoo

    Harttoo Senior Member

    Hard to believe that tech would push a new bike that hard in front of the Customer.100 miles,what about break in period?
    I think I would be complaining to management and looking for another dealer Who cares about taking care of My bike.
  6. Jeff Klarich

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    Sounds to me like a smoke screen and a way to cover for breaking your scoot. Looks like warranty work is in your future. I'd be looking for a new dealership as well.