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  1. One more question what oil does the dealer offer that is good for the bike. I bought the full maintenance plan and I thought they would pay for all fluids. Also how is the castrol full syntec for motorcycles they sell at Walmart.
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    the castrol hasnt been out that long so ya might not get much feedback on it
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    How is the castrol full syntec for motorcycles they sell at Walmart. I have been wondering the same thing. They don't carry and they say they can't order Mobile 1 any more. I guess I'll just have to get mobile i at Cycle gear.

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    Personally, I would Not change oils indiscriminately..
    I would find one that is Used by the many and Stick with the winner...

    I also would recommend that the oil states it is for v-twin or air cooled engines...

    Many years ago, I switch to Redline products and have had Very Good results.

    20/50 redline
    MTL for the Primary
    Shockproof for the tranny

    Redline being one of the Best fully synthetics on the market.. IMO.... they make the best tranny lube::: Shockproof Heavy gear oil..

    Try this (or spectro) oil as the Masses here on the site use these products and they are Time Tested for Good results..



    A friend bought the full maintenance plan, He does use the syn3 in the motor and Formal + in the Primary chain case(clutch) BUT He supplied his own Quart of Tranny gear oil when HD finished the 1000 mile change..

    Yes he gave them a quart of ""Redline Shockproof Heavy"" to put in...

    Harley says to change out the transmission at 20,000 miles and he Liked what the Redline did for my bike, so he furnished a Quart of Redline for HD to install..

    No big expense using a better product like that... and not being changed for 20,000 miles No Big-E even when it is changed out on the Plan.. 20,000 miles later...

    If you want, You can do the same thing. Just bring in a quart of red and ask them to put it in..:D

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    i agree with what you're saying Bubbie, and I believe the dealers should honor the customers requests as long as you're using an appropriate alternitive to HD lubes but the experiances I've had was that it was HD lubes or don't bring it here.
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    A few years back I bought a new Roadking from an out of town dealer and took Amsoil in for the 1000 mile change. The service manager told me if I didn't use HD oil and have an engine problem that HD would not honor the warranty. I basically told him he was full of (EDIT) and to put in the Amsoil. I told him that I would welcome a challenge from HD on Amsoil vs. HD oil. Never had another problem with the dealership.

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    Ask the dealership to show you the MSDS on Syn3. You might not want it in your bike.
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    They probably will not oblige you there but we can here:D

    Syn 3 MSDS - Harley Davidson Community
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    I got a 3 yr / 20,000 mile service plan thrown in when I got my 09 RG. For primary, I let the dealer put in the Formula +. I then buy my own Mobil 1 v-twin (from AutoZone) and Spectro 6 speed tranny fluid (from Spectro's web-site) and the dealer installs it and uses the HD oil filter for me, plus they do all the other items on the check list that I found here.

    RedLine is another option I was seriously considering. But for now will use my choises above.

    The only issue I ran into once was the first time they put in all the 4 qtrs of oil. I had to use a turkey baster and suck out some of the Mobil 1 as it started to mist into the AC. All is well after that.

    I did look at my service plan agreement and it was for standard HD oil. It stated for Syn3, I had to pay $100 more for the plan (but no wories from me as I use Mobil 1).

    Once the 3 yrs is up (half way there or I hit 20,000 miles), I'll go back to doing my own oil changes/service items, like I did on my Sporty for 7 yrs.

    Ride safe and have fun.