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    I am sure someone can answer this question regarding the Tour Glide FLT. I seem to remember that back in the late 80s, maybe around 1986 or so, some of the Tour Glides had a one piece fairing which included the lower fairing molded into the top fairing. You know, as in a one piece fairing instead of the seperate upper and lower fairings as we have today.

    I am just thinking "out loud" so to speak, that there is a fair chance that the MOCO might re-introduce the Tour Glide in 2010 since the Road Glide is being mothballed. It seems a little unlikely that they would completely stop producing a full fairing "shark nose" bike in touring configuration. A Tour Glide with upper and lower fairings would fill the void nicely since the Road Glide is gone. Or, it could be a situation in which the sharknose is being dropped in favor of the more popular bat wing being used on Ultras.

    If memory serves me correctly the Tour Glides were dropped around 1996. I think it was two years later in 1998 that the Road Glides were introduced.
    Can anybody help out here? I know there are some Harley history buffs out there and maybe someone still has their older Tour Glide in the garage.
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    Here is the description of the tourglide from wikopedia

    Tour Glide
    The FLT Tour Glide was introduced in 1979. Sold alongside the existing FLH Electra Glide, the FLT had a larger frame with rubber engine mounts, a five-speed transmission, the 80 cu in (1,300 cc) engine, and a frame-mounted fairing. In order that the FLT frame, which was larger and heavier than the large and heavy FLH frame, would handle acceptably, the front forks were given radical steering geometry which had them mounted behind the steering head, with the frame behind the steering head being recessed to allow adequate steering lock.[13]

    The FLHT was introduced in 1983. This was an Electra Glide based on the FLT Tour Glide frame, but using the Electra Glide "batwing" fairing instead of the Tour Glide frame-mounted fairing.[13]

    Except for the base FLH, all 1984 FLs were equipped with the new rubber-mounted Evolution engine and a five-speed transmission.[14]

    All "Shovelhead" engines were discontinued by the 1985 model year.[15] In that year, the four-speed solid-engine-mount FLH was modified to accept rubber mounting and the Evolution engine. The FLH was discontinued in 1986; all Touring models thereafter used the FLT/FLHT frame.[13] Ironically, the FLT Tour Glide, which introduced the current Touring frame, was dropped from the lineup in 1996. The frame-mounted Tour fairing would return with the FLTR Road Glide in 1998.[citation needed]

    The Evolution engine was replaced by the Twin Cam 88 engine on all large-frame Harley-Davidson motorcycles in 1999.[13]