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  1. Gottatour

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    I'm not going to go into details here, but in a nutshell
    I sold my bike to a "friend" on payments. He hasn't made a payment in a looong time. I have all the paperwork to repo the bike. The Original Title is still in my name. He refuses to give up the bike and keeps it locked away with ubber alarms. He is armed with mace & a taser. The repo guy has been on the case since early this summer, but he hasn't been able to grab it.
    I want it back ASAP. Can I get LEO to accompany me to get it? If so, what is the procedure and under what circumstances can I get it? If it's locked in his garage, can the LEO force the guy to cough it up?
    Any help here would be great.
    I also have the option of having some REAL friends snatch the bike...and I'm sure he wouldn't even consider causing a fuss.
    Any opinions?
  2. ultrat

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    Court order is needed I gather this from limited knowledge.. locked up, repo guy cant get. don't send friends ,look what happened to oj in the hotel.. legal way best....
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    Ultrat's suggestion to go the legal way is a good one. If you have an attorney that you use for closings', will's, etc., you may be able to grab a few minutes of their time and find out the legal steps needed. Be advised, though, with civil matters, LEO's can't break down doors or effect entry unless "invited" in (unless things have changed 180 degrees since I retired). You are obviously not the first person that this has happened to, so there must be a way to get your property back. It's just knowing the steps you have to take. Good luck....
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    I have no lawyer on retainer, or anything els like that. I enquired info from a lawyer and was charged over $250 for him to telephone me and talk for 5 minutes. He basically said it would cost me more than what the bike was worth to take it to Civil Action. The (EDIT) former friend still owes 7G's.
    So...sow what?

    Please read this...
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  5. Jack Klarich

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    Dont know any other way legally, unless repoman can catch him riding or door unlocked, Sorry I ban not help you:(
  6. Jonas

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    Report it stolen and tell the police where it is. Inform the guy you are reporting it stolen first. He will give it up.
  7. RibEye

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    It's not stolen, legally. Filing a false report is a misdemeanor in most states...unless you would like to get arrested, I don't think I would do it. He will show them paperwork, and they will depart for your place.

    Morally, it is theft. Legally, it is defaulting in the purchasing agreement.

    One more note...take care how you go about this, or you will be repossessing a pile of scrap. That is how folks that will do this kind of thing react to this kind of thing...Know what I mean? Patience is key.

    Rich P
  8. Jonas

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    What if he reported it the way it is. With the title in his name, seems like it is his bike. The 'friend" may turn it loose be fore suffering potential consequences.

    I agree about how the bike is going to be when he gets it back. If the guy will steal from a friend, he would probally have no problem sabotaging the bike.
  9. Hoople

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    If it is not too personal, may I ask what state you live in and your age.
  10. rsbourff

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    guess it depends on what state you live in. In Tn, you have to get a civil warrant, and have the person served to appear in court. The judge will decide then, if to give you judgement for the bike