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    I am a new member looking for help. My girlfriends dad is somewhat still in the old technology. I really need help researching for upgrade paths from where he has left off. I full understand tuning , air fuel tables , turbos, porting, and complicated laptop tuning from my 400whp eclipse gsx(i know most harley guys hate turbo cars but it was made in America so give me a little break).

    Okay so bob has a dyna low rider twin cam 88. He claims its a dog. It doesn't have enough pick up. He always says, "its a (EDIT)(in 88 the thing should have (EDIT)". So from my background looks like tuning since he has some fuel thing on it that is just preset.

    He has rhineheart? pipes on it. The fuel computer and I believe an intake. He was talking about cams. He isnt sure with today's technology and the current specs of his bike what he has to do to give him more power. He is a torque kind of guy not high RPM horsepower.

    Can anyone send me an upgrade path list? its something he wants for Christmas. If he does lets say andrews cams would he need bigger injectors like a car would? Would the thing need tuned? Please help , I'm not into bikes and he doesn't have a new technology mindset. He's built old school cars so im sure if I can get some kind of hint or path we can go from there thankyou so much.

    If you email it to me that would be even better since I work full time and go to college. If anyone could also send me the stock cam specs that would be great, couldnt find them. Seems like most leads... well lead into adds. Thanks

    Please read and understand the info in this link below...
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    Welcome to The Forum, check the self help section for some good reads on fuelers and cams
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    Welcome aboard from Central Florida:ws
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. :)
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws