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    First off, it's been a year and a half since being t-boned by a left turner and two surgeries and a lot of physical later I'm back in the saddle. Took a refresher safety course a few months ago to help get up to snuff and also to make sure I'm good to go physically. Now down to business...I am wanting to wire the auxiliary lights to stay on with the high beam on my 07 Deluxe. I know that glider has a post explaining how to do this in the self help area but I, for some reason, can't view it (just that one for some reason). So any help would be appreciated. Also, does this render the toggle switch inoperable?
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    Thank you much.
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    Glider, the link did not work. Do you have a copy? On my Ultra Glide, I'm guessing the Aux/Spot lights power supply wire could be moved to the accessories switch.
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    I ride a Dyna so I'm not familar with Aux/Spot lights but if they are the same as the passing lights on the touring models then your above assumption is true. Here's a pic I saved awhile back from a discussion of keeping the passing lights on.

    Basically you take the feed (for the passing lamp switch) from the headlite connector and move it to the Accessory switch.


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    I'd love to do that but I live in state that requires yearly Inspection and with that set up, it would failed state Inspection, what I did was keep everything stock but adjust my headlight up a bit, high beam stills works alone, low beam(aim higher) and Aux lights stay on all time when riding.
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    In my state (Delaware) your spotlights (passing lamps) have to go out when you put your HIgh beam on. So what I did when I buily my bike 7 yrs ago, was to replace the stock sngle throw toggle switch with a double throw on-off-on switch. 1 on position is wired in the stock configuration, while the 2nd on position is wired to stay on constantly with the ignition switch in the on position