A Lesson Learned From A Child

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    Okay folks, I will try to make this as short as possible however, I feel it important enough to share. My father has been in the hospital since last Tuesday with complications due to a bleeding ulcer. Most of the complications are because he is so hard headed he will not cooperate with us and allow us to take him to the hospital to get checked out until he nearly bleeds to death and ends up getting stuffed into an ambulance. So after spending most of the last week in ICU, we finally started seeing some improvement. My bosses at work are very cooperative & and understanding and let me take this week off with no hassle.

    After several scares over the weekend, dad was starting to do better Monday. My oldest grandson had his 1st grade awards ceremony last night as well. Mom and I discussed it and decided that since it wasn't far from the hospital, I should go up and watch it, so I did. I was talking to Isaiah after his ceremony and he was so excited that I was there for it and he asked me if I came to town to see him receive his awards. I explained to him that I had to come to town for sad stuff, that my dad is sick and in the hospital. Isaiah then loo. Ther ks at me with his beautiful blue eyes and says 'I'm sorry your daddy is sick. Would you like me to pray for him?'. I told him that I would love for him to pray for him. (our son-in-law is a pastor at a local church and my husband's daughter is an incredible mom) Both the parents are great people & very talented. And I meant to tell them what a sweet son they had; but we were also celebrating the adopted daughter's 2 year anniversary in their family so I forgot.

    So to give you a quick run down of some of the ups & downs that we have been through, the doctors said that essentially they lost dad several times during the week. When they were doing the endoscopy on him, he stopped breathing so they had to intubate him. In doing this they had to restrain his hands, however they tied his hands improperly and ended up tearing a ligament in his right wrist. Oddly enough, the torn ligament attaches to the same group of bones that I just fractured so the pain & swelling he had was the same as mine. Once we got him off the ventilator they moved him out of ICU to a room. That night his heart started acting up and they had to move him to the heart ward once they got him settled. Sunday morning dad asked me & mom if we could hear the choir. For once, we could not hear the TV from the room across the hall. Dad ended up sleeping most of the day. Monday was a much better day though, Dad actually got out of bed for a while, he was more alert and actually starting to talk about things we needed to do at home.

    Refer back to the 2nd paragraph if needed. Today, I went to the hospital not knowing what to expect since every day has been so different. BUT, today, dad was better in so many levels, all I could think about was a 7 year old boy with beautiful blue eyes remembering my family in prayer. Dad was walking around the room, getting up & going to the bathroom on his own. But the best part was that the doctor released dad today so we have him home! The PT group was recommending a rehab facility, but me, dad & mom did not feel that would be the best, so the home health service will come to the house, but at this point I do not think they will be needed much. Dad is getting around fairly well all things considered. Tomorrow I will go around and ensure there is a bench or a stool anywhere dad may wish to go so when he tires out, he can just sit and rest.

    Last bit of this lesson. I was so thrilled and proud of Isaiah, I was talking to my mom about it and said that I just felt like I needed to go tell him personally the good news. So I went to their house and explained how important his prayers were and how they helped and lifted my up when I was down, and that most importantly that my dad got to go home today. As I was talking to his mom & dad about it, they told me that my timing was perfect because Isaiah had been asking some questions about God and is He real or is God like the tooth fairy. I told the step daughter & son-in-law that they were absolutely doing something right!

    All thoughts and prayers will be appreciated. Dad has a long way to go for recovery to replace some of the blood he lost.. So, good night all, stay safe and remember your prayers. :)
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    Prayers sent.
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    I will keep your family in my prayers Joy.
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    Thank you for sharing this.
    I hope with each passing day your dads health improves.
    It is, to me, amazing how children can be so in touch with things most adults don't see.
    Like how to ask God to help someome else and not wanting something in return.
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    Prayers for a speedy recovery.
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    I will send my best wishes

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    Stacee and I will keep you and yours in our prayers
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    Thank you all. Dad is home now, but he continues to be frustrated because he tires so easily. I keep explaining to him that it will take time to rebuild his strength after losing the amount of blood that he lost. :( That is the battle currently, but he is getting out of the house to the front porch, back porch & pool area. Bit by bit, he is going further on each outing.
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