A few technical ?'s 09 Ultra.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Without_A_Harley, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Does the 96 respond well to fuel chip and pipes, Air intake? And can one use regular unleaded thereafter?

    Is the oil cooler standard on the 09 ultra? Does it help much? How about when used in conjunction with Amsoil synthetic? Actual numbers?

    I really enjoyed the Corbin dual tour on my 02 Nomad. Can anyone comment on the Corbin for the Ultra?

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    Well, first off welcome WAH. Not really sure what chip you're referring to. The EFI on these is not quite like they are on cars. There are several options for tweaking the performance curves on these bikes. First, there are software based solutions called maps which can be downloaded from several sources and then applied to your ECU via a interface device such as the Screamin' Eagle Race Tuner (S.E.R.T) or similar aftermarket devices such as the Power Commander. Then there are several other aftermarket devices which are used between the ECU and the injectors to enhance the performance (usually by richening the fuel mix) in various parts of the power curve. Look in the self-help for better explanations of the individual options. As far as pipes, mufflers,and air cleaner options, well they are almost limitless. The choice of these options will kinda dictate what kind of devices are required to re-program the ECU. I beleive that no matter what choices you make, you'll still find it necessary to run premium fuel. The oil cooler is not standard and so you have several options there as well. You will find that at least here on this forum, nearly everyone reccomends full synthethtic lubricants for the engine, trans and primary. Again, several choices are available. If you take a look in the self-help section, you'll find there are several polls and posts regarding all of these questions. You have come to the right place for answers, as some of the people on this site are the most knowlegeable around. Enjoy!