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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by kman, Oct 1, 2009.

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    1st Question: I will be storing my bike for the winter soon and have checked the threads on this site for some advice, I found some info on a couple of threads regarding fuel in the tanks and storage but it seemed there were two opinions.

    1) Drain the tank before storing all winter.

    2)Fill the tank and ad an additive.

    I have always left fuel in the tank and started it every couple of weeks. Any thoughts or advice.

    2nd Question: Is it better to disconnect your battery during storage or just attach a trickle charger?

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    Draining the tank means empty vessel with plenty of air to cause rust...! All winter to some means a 3-4 month "hibernation" so most just fill the tank and use Stabil to keep the fuel from degrading significantly to cause problems. Also most like to run bike with petcock "off" or pull EFI fuse/relay to empty or depressurise the fuel lines (very little moisture laden air will be in there). Especially on a carbureted engine, varnish and water in the passages and float bowl can congeal and cause a mess.

    As far as disconnecting battery or using Battery Tender...use the Battery Tender, most people forget about the rechargable battery in the Security Alarm module which will discharge if left alone....
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    Fill the tank with fresh gas and stabil fuel satbilzer, battery tender is a good accessory to have, it will trickle charge when needed. If you can lift it off the tires so you won't get flat spots. Best thing is to convince your wife how great it will look sitting in the living room next to the fireplace all cozy warm, chrome gleaming.
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