99 fatboy front brake light switch clip

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by anthonyflhx, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. anthonyflhx

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    Hoping someone can help with a 99 fatboy front brake light switch that stays on. Theres a little brass type u clip that fell out when changing bars. We put the clip behind the brake light slwitch but the light is still on. Can anyone confirm if the clip goes behind the switch opposite side of the brake light plunger?
    Dont have a manual so a photo or diagram would be great. Thanks
  2. stray dog

    stray dog Junior Member

    the spring wedge does go behind (right side) the switch.

    your switch may be bad if you dissembled/assembled the switch housing with out putting a wedge between brake lever and housing 1st. see attachment.

    View attachment wedge.pdf
  3. FLHTrider08

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    As stray dog said, it definitely goes on the other side of the plunger to kind of wedge the switch into place. Unfortunately you have to be really careful when you re-assemble the switch in the housing as it can get damaged easily. I had to replace mine after not being cautious enough putting it back together. Good luck.