98 roadking steering/wobble


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my 98 roadking has all the sudden developed a front end wobble. changed the tire. wobble is less but steering is tighter and seems to be fighting me.any ideas what i should be looking at? i am kind of new at wrenching (divorced my machanic!) thank for any help
G'day hairgirlct,

Not much good at wrenching either, but have you checked your steering head bearings?

If I were you I would take it to the dealer, you dont want to mess about with front end mechanics, you could wind up on your arse. :11:

If you got spokes check them for tightness and snug up any loose ones, my 99 roadking had the same problem tell I took off the bald back tire and put on a new 1 but I checked the neck bearings and the spokes and belt and rear tire allignment before I seen the cords showing out of the back tire.