98 heritage softtail starting problem

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  1. Joe Wojtusik

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    Just picked up a 1998 heritage Softail 7xxx on it it started fine and ran great at the guys house after he washed it got it home and that bike doesn't fire from the start button it just clicks can't tell where its coming from the battery is new terminals are tight and the lights don't dim at all when I hit the button I can pop start it and it runs great but will never fire again after unless popped wondering if it's a switch solenoid or lazy starter maybe just curious if anyone has had a similar problem as this is my first motorcycle I've raced motocross for a long time so I know my way around a bike just nothing with starters
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    Need to check the other end of battery cables. For they maybe loose and corroded. Are you are aware of the safety items that can prevent bike from starting, like clutch and kickstand interlock switches?? You could also find fuse box and then starter relay to check that it is not full of water.
  3. Jeff Klarich

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    Start at the source, load test the battery, because it's new doesn't mean it's good. Check the start button for water and or corrosion from water.
    Recheck all battery connection to include at the starter.

    You can bypass the start button and jumper the starter to to eliminate it as the problem.
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  4. Jack Klarich

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    If the lights do not dim when trying to start it you have a problem between the start button and the starter, up to and including the starter it self. you may try a jump test across the starter solenoid with the ignition on, bike in neutral, jump from the batter post on starter to green wire does the engine turn over and start? if not you have a problem in the starter
    Here is an exploded view of your starter
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    I had a '94 Heritage with the same issue and it turned out to be the start button. If your not real careful when washing water will get into the switch. Pretty easy swap out and I think I just bought the switch from Harley.
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    As mentioned above, start with the simple stuff first. Make sure battery is good. Remove, clean (wire brush) battery cable ends (both for each cable) and resecure, fuses, starter relay, starter, then start switch. Somewhere along all that you should have figured out the problem.

    If not, let us know.


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