'98 dyna with 70k

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Colesifer, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Colesifer

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    Hey y'all
    what is your guys opinion on the 98 evo with 70k? its not giving me any signs of fatuige as of yet..it runs great, oil was changed regularly (so he said) but the high mileage is getting me worried. I just got the bike and it was a crime of a god buy. first harley and couldnt be more stoked...im prepared to do some work to it if need be but if there is some preventative maintance i could do to keep her on the road longer i would really appreciate it..i hear nothing but great things about these evo engines and especially the year i have.

    any info would be great! thanks alot!

  2. tourbox

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    Check compression and go from there if problems. I had a '96 FLHTCU I bought in '96 and sold in '07,loved it. It had right at 108k on it and I never had the heads off. I had changed lifters & blocks at 80k prior to going to Sturgis,no problems, just wanted to. I would asked the previous owner if the inner cam bearing had been changed to a torrington and when it was done.If not I would definitely do that.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Evos are STILL good machines, Warm them up before riding off and change the oil. Get the maintenance records if you can and as Tourbox says run a compression test on it. There are tons of parts still out there for these bikes:s I ran 3 evos for a lot of miles with few problems, I miss them IMO H D should have kept this engine and pumped it up JMO
  4. fin_676

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    The evo engines seem to be pretty robust if looked after warmed up before riding and regular oil changes
    The area i would look into is if the belt has been replaced or not as it is getting to the belt fail sort of mileage

  5. Colesifer

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    thanks for the great info fellas..the bike doesnt have any sort of history on it when i got it...the guy didnt have it long from my understanding so im on my own...no odd sounds or lifter noises that i can hear...i always let her warm up before hitting the road as with any machine i own. a friend of mine warned me about the belt so i will be doing that...my mechanic is going to do a full once over on everything for me for pennies so im pretty stoked to be on the safe side of the fence..good strong bike so im glad to be getting the maintanence done that it seems to be lacking.
  6. Rod Stewart

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    I have a '97 Road king with 62K on it, and it runs just great. I have some concerns about possible problems with the EFI, but so far so good.

    One of our Moose riders in Florida has a '93 Heritage that had 213K on it last winter when she finally died. He bought a slightly used rebuilt Evo through Craig's list and is back on the road doing just fine.

  7. lorne

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    gota luv those old EVOs....:D:D
  8. Breeze3at

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    1998 was the best year of the Evo in my opinion. All good tips above.
  9. 98badbagger

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    I have 90k on my 98 ultra,all I have had to replace is 2 stators and umbrella valves
  10. TQuentin1

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    70K is not a lot of miles on the engine, but may be on some of the gaskets, particularly the base gaskets. Inspect them carefully to see if they are weeping. If so, you may have to do a top end job in the not too distant future.