97 Dyna...cross country trip. Spares to take along

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    A friend has a 97 Dyna Convertible...we are getting ready to head out to CA from Virginia. I ride a non-HD brand.
    My friend isn't very mechanically inclined, he's the kind of guy who would call AAA and have it towed to be worked on. Well, if it's the middle of the night, miles away from anything, we might have to do something to get on the road in a pinch. I'm very familiar with MY bike, taking spare items that I might need.
    He's had his bike serviced and checked recently, it has a clean bill of health.

    Are there any "typical" things with these bikes that could go wrong on occasion? No matter how small they might be? Any specialty tools etc? He's getting spare bulbs, a few minor things like that. Like I said, I don't ride a H-D, therefore not familiar enough with them to tell what he might want to pick up. Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm going to be installing a 12 volt outlet on his bike. Any tips on where to run the wiring up through to the handlebars. He might be picking up some heated gear too. Could the charging system handle them running at the same time?

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    If your friend isn't just a bit mechanically inclined, all the tools and extras in the world isn't going to help much if he doesn't know how to use them.

    I would take a few spare bulbs and some fluids that he uses, maybe a tire plugging kit if he has tubeless tires, but above that as mentioned above, tools are only handy if you can use them and know what you are doing.:s

    As far as the power outlet, you can run under the tank up to the bars. You would be wise to remove the tank so the wires can be strapped down but there's no need to run to the bars. I installed my outlet below the seat on the right side to plug in the heated gloves. The alternator should handle the heated clothing with no problem. You can see the plug to the rear of the rear cylinder in the pic below. If you get the proper plugs, this outlet can also be used for a battery tender to keep the battery up to snuff when not riding.


    The most important thing I would recommend is a spare battery for the cel phone.
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