96-06 and 07-up switches??

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    I see that there are 2 different part #'s for these two different hand control switches. But then I see other places advertise them as 96-up. Is there a difference?? (EDITED)
    Also I've read that the new black flush fuel gauge and cap are only for the 08-up models only. (something about different voltage because of the different ECM. They both have the same color and amount of wires in the plugs.

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    There are different chrome kit part numbers when replacing your standard black buttons with chrome ones for the various models, so I would have to say yes there are switch variations. Another change was the Fly by Wire throttle control...for the touring bikes so that could explain the variance.

    When I was thinking of replacing my black ones on the Sporty I found the shapes were different between and Touring bikes as well as different button count.

    As far as the fuel guage, the best thing to do is check with the dealer, changes in model years may be due to vendor change, as we are all aware of the fine print "Subject to change without notice." or other disclaimers to allow room for changes within a model year, if supplies run out or they use a second source for accessories. Obvious that HD does not manufacture switches or guages but has contracted suppliers.
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    As it may be a little late for the reply, I will go on to say that the difference is that in '07 the moco added a neutral safety switch in the left hand controls. This would change the part and hence the part number.