95 FXSTS Rear running lights out

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  1. jaywhy

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    My rear running lights aren't working. The brake light running light, and brake light is lighting up when pressed. Fronts are working fine. I took the covers off to take a look and the rear right light (if your standing behind the bike) had a bare black wire not connected to anything. I assumed that was the problem and it was a ground but when grounded did not solve the problem. Any help would be appreciated. BTW the blinkers do work when pressed
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    Normally the rear turn signal lights are only turn signal lights and not running lights unless a module has been added to the wiring to enable running lights on the rear which would put a wee bit of power to the rear turn signal bulbs all the time
    front turn signals use a dual filament bulb similar to a stop and tail lamp bulb and work in the same way

  3. jaywhy

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    Bahaha I'm such a tool!!! I actually thought that til I saw the mysterious black wire, thanks for the info!!
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    :p Nah you are not a fool you have questions and you get honest answers here, glad ya got it sorted out and quite possibly you may have already helped some one else here:D
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    i have an 05 FSXT , my tail light did the same one night coming home from biketober fest. stopped at the auto parts store pulled out my tool kit (with a built in mechanic, named Bodeen) removed the bulb went inside got a new one took it out to the tool kit (aka Bodeen) put it in and it did not work! pulled it out put the old one back in an wa la it worked. so i chalked it up to corrosion in the socket . and it has been working ever since
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    Fin is right on here, the rear directional signals do not function as running lights unless you get the conversion kit, available from HD and also from Kuryakyn. Money well spent IMO
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    Hahaha I think you got the obsolete toolkit
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    :p LOL, you are in need of a Hoople in a bag:p