95 electra glide ultra classic oil change

Discussion in 'Oil' started by dcofer, Nov 7, 2009.

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    I have a 1995 EGUC and I am ready for a oil change. It has 53000 miles on it and I just bought it this year and have no idea what kind of oil has been run in it but am thinking about going with Amsol since it is easy to get here locally. Have talked to several about going to synthetic and some say do and some say dont. What is your opinion and what weight oils should be used in each hole. I want to change all three holes so was just wondering what I should do. I did get the original HD filter for the evo at a dealer in Bowling Green Kentucky about a month ago so know I have the correct filter for the bike. Thanks for any input on this. BTW how much in each hole too. Ride safe and enjoy all this nice fall weather.:cheers
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    Amsoil is excellent oil, it is the only oil I have ran in my last 4 bikes, not sure about how much a 1995 holds, I would refer to a service manual. I ran Amsoil 20W50 in my 1996 Electra Glide, 20W50 in the motor and primary and I ran I believe 75W140 in the transmission. I also used their oil filters. Good luck.
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    There is no way of finding out what kind of oil it has been run on? Amsoil is good oil but difficult to find when you are out traveling which I guess is the reason you bought the Ultra. What ever you decide to put in the engine make sure it says it is for V Twin use. Harley's oils are great and there are many aftermarket oils that are good. You will need four quarts for an engine oil change and please do not stick syntetic in the primary. Harley's Formula is one of the best for primary use. Do go with a synthetic gear lube for the transmission. You won't have any problem with Formula in there but a thicker viscosity will smooty out the shifting. Fossil

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    Full synthetic oil is very pure, where as dino oil though the product of much refinement still has impurities in it. Also 100% synthetic is less prone to breakdown at higher temperatures, while offering the benefits of many years of R&D to come up with a superior product. You will find many differing opinions...and it is your choice. The real question is, why 3 holes for 3 different lubes...?...because their needs are different, Engine oil has wide temp variations and extreme exposure to combustion byproduct contamination...Trannies and clutches have less extremes or contamination, but the meshing of gears makes extreme pressure and keeping light metal particles suspended, while heavy swarf (debris) stays in the bottom or captured by magnet, the primary chain with slinging oild (has little or no oil stresses par se, so simple heavy lube should work just fine there. Look in the polling section for the what most of our readers have weighted in on...it is a very subjective thread(s), but should help in the selection none the less.
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    Fossil, I have to disagree with you, Harley oil is not good oil, remember every year they put out for bid who will make their oil and it goes to the lowest bid. In my opinion, I do not care about the cost, if I did I got the wrong hobby, I would rather pay for a good oil than spend the same amount of money that Harley charges for cheap oil. I think that the money I have in my motor is not worth risking, but that is just my opinion. But I will say that probably a good 80% of the people I ride with, run Amsoil and swear by it. Also it is pretty easy to come by where I live.