9/11 WTC artifact escort Milw, wi

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    This will be the ONLY email notice of this mission.
    Do not reply to this email. Contacts are listed below.

    Please go to the following link for mission updates
    WTC Remnant Escort/Dedication, Pleasant Prairie / Milwaukee, WI, 08, 11 SEP 11 Patriot Guard Riders

    Confirmed Memorial Mission
    World Trade Center Memorial
    September 8, 11, 2011

    Pleasant Prairie / Milwaukee

    The State of Wisconsin has been granted the rights to a remnant of the World Trade Center for use in a memorial at the War Memorial in Milwaukee. This project is in two phases.

    Phase I

    Artifact Escort

    The Patriot Guard Riders have been given the distinct honor or escorting a 1,500 pound artifact from the World Trade Center in New York City to the City of Milwaukee for use in a memorial to those Emergency Response personnel and others who gave their lives on September 11, 2011.

    The route will be on I-94 at the Wisconsin / Illinois border to the Milwaukee Fire Department Repair Center on 1st and Virginia.

    Artifact Escort Staging

    September 8, 2011 at 11:00 a.m.

    WI State Patrol Weigh Station

    I-94 and Russell Road Northbound Lanes

    Pleasant Prairie, WI

    Exit Russell Road and turn left

    Cross over I-94 and turn left again into the weigh station

    We will execute a flag line for the arrival of the artifact. We will then escort to artifact to Milwaukee and execute a flagline during the unloading of the artifact at the Milwaukee Fire Department Repair Center.

    We will have a law enforcement escort the entire route.

    Please have your flags ready and tested at highway speeds. All flag rigs will be inspected and those not suitable must be taken down. The Ride Captain has the final say on this.

    Phase II

    Memorial Dedication

    September 11, 2011

    The Milwaukee Fire Department will present the artifact to the Milwaukee War Memorial for permanent display at the War Memorial.

    The Patriot Guard Riders will execute a flag line during the ceremonies.


    Milwaukee War Memorial

    750 North Lincoln Memorial Drive

    Milwaukee, WI

    Staging time and location are yet to be determined.

    Check this post or check the box above to automatically be notified of updates.

    Ride Captain for both phases is Jim Unruh JUNRUH2@WI.RR.COM
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    I wish I could be there.
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    Just a quick followup on the escort. In one word....AWESOME! The local law did a wonderful job in keeping us all safe from the cages. There had to be a couple hundred bikes show up. Very surreal as you watched the Axeman and Milwaukee fire and Iron ride up. I got to touch the piece of the tower and took pictures so that my grand kids and their kids will never forget what this piece of steel and concrete means. It was also an Honor as usual to see some of my fellow Nam brothers. Always a welcome site to see the pride that we now share. A handshake, hug, pat on the back and a tear are all in order! Thank each and everyone of you for your patriotism and service I salute you all!
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    I am highly impressed by the thoughts and actions of the Patriot Guard riders.

    I saute you.