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    I need a windshield for my 883. Is there a size that someone recommends?
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    Steve07's post gives you a lot of things to watch out for. The hard part is finding the info you need to make the best choice.

    When I put a windshield on my Sportster I just couldn't seem to find the information that I needed to make a good choice. Finally, I got so frustrated by the whole thing that I bought the HD Quick-Release Detachable Compact windshield. It has a published height of 18.3" above the the headlamp. It turned out to be about the right height for me. I'm 6' tall with a 31" inseam so I sit a little bit tall in the saddle. Here's a link from Clearview that might help you determine the correct windshield height. At least it gives a method that obviates how tall you sit in the saddle.
    Choosing The Correct Height Shield

    Also, remember that different windshield manufacturers measure windshield height a couple of different ways.

    That HD windshield had an outstanding quick release clamping system. But, there are other problems you need to think about as well.

    Air turbulence behind the windshield
    The HD windshield I bought did cut down on the wind that was hitting me in the chest by a lot. It did stop most of the large bugs (I hate high speed grasshoppers). The occassional bug still made it over the top of the winshield. What it really did was create unbelievable turbulence behind the windshield. It did not match the angle of the forks and there was very little adjustment for the angle. Not enough to do any good at all. It could only be adjusted up and down about an inch. I had turbulence behind the windshield that would shake my glasses so hard I had trouble seeing.

    After looking at lowers quite a bit (Rifle, Memphis Shades) I finally rigged up some windshield lowers of my own that improved things somewhat. At least enough that I could live with it.

    If I had it to do over again I probably would just buy the Memphis Shades windshield, with lowers, in the first place.
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    I picked up a 15" Memphis shades Sport shield on Ebay with detachable hardware for about 130 bucks.

    It's a great shield and the hardware is top notch.

    I just wanted something to keep the wind of my chest. It has made the ride definitely more relaxing since I no longer have to hold on to my bars as much.

    It definitely helps riding with it in the cooler weather and because I still get plenty of air I keep it on in the hotter weather too. I won't ride without it now.
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    I have a converted 06 xl. Iv'e been considering a windshield for quite some time, however finances have forbidden it. A friend had a new but damaged windshield (broke on one side, not much) for his wide glide. I acquired it, cut the broken side to remove jagged edges then cut the good side to match,put spacers on the quick release clamps to accomodate my fork spacing. It is a bit bigger than i would like. I will ride it for awhile and if i think it is to big i will cut it to fit. I never had a windshield in 31years. They are great.

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    If you want some recommendations, one thing that would be helpful is how tall are you. Another would be to go to your HD dealer and look at some of their used bikes. It is likely they have an 883 like yours with either a stock HD windscreen or some aftermarket one mounted that should give you an idea. Even better would be to ride behind it on one of the HD dealer's weekend ride event.

    You want the top of the windscreen approx. 2-3" below your "normal" sight horizon. As for materials and types, Steve's discussion is quite helpful regarding the "nits and picks". But I am a true believer in supporting your local "bricks and mortar" dealers regarding my "try before you buy" idea rather than sight unseen internet sales. Enjoy your search and be patient...good deals come and go all the time.
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    Why is it so important that the angle of the shield match the angle of the forks?
    Turbulence behind the shield?

    I have two Memphis Shades (diff heights) and keep playing with them to get my glasses to stop rattling at 75+
    With the tall shield the wind hits me right at the top of my glasses (and they rattle), but the protection is great.
    With the small shield the wind hits me right in my mouth.
    I am thinking of cutting the small shield down a bit and get the wind right at my shoulders and leave my head in clean air.
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    The biggest cause that I have found is the air that comes from under the windshield. If you were to place your left arm across your chest you would most likey find that your glasses stop rattling.

    Check out Jack Halterman's Leather AeroVest, windshielding accessories for bikers, motorcycle riders as this product could really help.
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    The HD Convertible was the second best change I made to my '98 XLH1200. (The Mustang Wide Solo seat was the best change.) The convertible isn't listed in the P&A catalog anymore, but they can be found on ebay or perhaps as NOS (new old stock) at a dealer.
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    I instaled the HD stock windshield and when I was on the highway yesterday, it was like a windtunnel coming at me. I started to lose control of the bike...I believe it was from the windshield...has anyone else experienced this? If so, what windshield would be best for me? I am a lady rider and am only 5'4".