883 hugger backfire problems

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by harleyfreek, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Hey guys,
    First off let me just say i'm new to this site, and hope im in the right place for this question/problem.....
    Okay let me begin by saying I had this problem since last year, and didnt do anything to fix it until a couple days ago. When i would ride on the highway at about 65-70 mph it would backfire ALOT. What i did was was replace the manifold gaskets, they were pretty bad. Plus since i had the carb off, I inspected it, looked "clean" so i shot some carb cleaner in just because it was apart and maybe would help. And replaced the spark plugs. I took it for a test ride and it was riding great until I got about a block away from my house and it backfired again..... I took it to work today and it was riding pretty good until i went over some train tracks, the secound i went over them it started to backfire again! But "fixed" it's self and was back to normal. I thought it was a little weird that it backfired while going over the tracks. But anyways i took the highway into work today and it backfired once, when it happend i pull off of the the throttle and let it stop. then i got back on it again, and had no problems after that. I dont know if you guys could help with this weird problem or not, but i appreciate the help!!!
    the set up i have is an S&S air cleaner, Stock CV carb, and a Big Bore kit, when i purchased the Bike i was told that everything was installed by an HD mechanic.
  2. glider

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    A few things you may want to check is the possibility of a loose connection on the coil or elsewhere being it popped when you went over the tracks with vibration.

    Secondly I would be concerned at the jetting size in the carb if you could post that. You may also want to verify the condition of the diaphragm on the slide to see that there are no pin holes that would drop the slide and lean things out a bit.
    Also another problem may be debris or water in the tank causing the pop. It may be worthwhile to remove and clean out the tank and petcock strainer too so you know this isn't the cause of the problem and eliminate it as a source.

    You could try to run the engine with the enricher slightly open to see if this is a mixture problem.
  3. harleyfreek

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    I inspected the tank and petcock last year and there was no debris, but i didnt do any of the following suggestions, I'm going to check it out tonight. Thanks for the help!!!
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    Rumbling over tracks causing the backfire and also when you shut off the throttle will give a weight shift to the whole bike so could possibly be that something is slightly loose
    so time to get round the bike and pull and push on everything to see if you get a wee bit of movement that includes under seat and tank

  5. murf

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    I agree with "Glider". if you read my post " a confusing fuel issue" in this column you will see similiar issues on my bike. I removed the tank and checked the fuel route all the way to the float bowl and it looked clean to me. But problem persisted and I just coated the inside of my tank with " red-kote" and seem to have fixed the problem. But I would start with glider's suggestions as your issue is still different than mine. My stuff had no occurances over bumps. Just a suggestion if all else fails.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Good place to start would be the connections at the battery, clean and tight, check all grounds:s