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    I need help. my 88 twin cam softails engine light started comeing on today when I let of the throttle and let the bike coast. when I drop a gear and get back on the throttle the light goes out. I no longer have the repair manual. The bike seems to run fine. no odd noises or decrease in power.
    Has anyone out there had this problem? would like to know what it is that is trippn the sensors. If you have any advice or have exp. the same problem plz let me know. thank you
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    I ran a check on the dash
    Under P the code P0107 came up:
    man sensor failed open/low carb
    Under S the code U1097 came up:
    loss of speedometer serial bath carb
    Is this a jetting issue? or is my bike running to lean or rich?
    Any advice on what these codes mean will be greatly appretiated. Thank you

    Map sensor failed open /low carb.
    I have noticed in the last few days when I pull the choke full open it doesnt run normal, half open she runs right.
    could this be an indication of a stuck choke cable?
    I will remove it and grease it. Im thinkin these two problems are related.
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