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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by richny, May 8, 2010.

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    Well I needed a new clutch so I went ahead and got new friction plates and a clutch compressor tool. Took the primary off, put on the compressor tool and no problem, got the clutch apart with no trouble. Heck, I'll be done in 10 minuets! WRONG! Put in the new friction plates and ready to put the pressure plate on and I just can't get it to compress enough to put on the circlip (c-ring). I put the spring diaphram on, then compressor tool and cranked as hard as I could. By the time the u-shaped ring and flat ring go on there's just barely not enough room for the circlip to seat in the groove. Also, does it make a difference which way the u-shaped ring goes in? u facing out or the u facing in? Tried both ways but still nothing.
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    Check the self help section, most snap rings and like cir clips are made to fit one way they, can be installed both ways, does not make the project right. Look at a snap ring or cir clip close and you should see a beveled edge you may have to feel it with your finger alot of projects go side ways because of fasteners being installed incorrectly best advice is to get a factory manualJMO

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    Circlips have a thrust side, the flat face side that seats against machined surface... sorry don't know too much about the specific Sporty clutch, but it you may want to use a micrometer and find out if you have the correct thickness of solid and friction discs, installed in the proper sequence in the pack. Sometimes performance clutches use a different count within or spec solid/clutch...and new plates will be thicker, so follow the manufacturer/service manual recommendations.