79 FLH Electrical Issues

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by solson36, Aug 30, 2008.

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    I have a low milege 79 FLH that has been in storage for 10 years. I have it running good however, I am experiencing problems with my turnlights (both sides, front and back) sometimes working, most of the time not. Also my tail light works but the brake light doesn't. I have replaced the rear brake switch - light still doesn't work with either the front brake or rear brake. Lastly I have a buzzing noise coming from the left side of the bike that gets louder at highway speeds. It is either coming from the left handle bar controls or the regulator - I can't tell. I don't know if the buzzing is related to the other issues or not - it seems to have started at the same time I started having the other problems.

    Any ideas or suggestions???
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    Remove all the bad bulbs and check for continuity with a ohm meter. Shake the bulb, to test for a floating filament. (filament open but still making contact)

    1) Make sure you have good grounds.
    2) Make sure the center contact is not corroded and voltage (12v) is present when the lights are on.
    3) Use a di-electric grease on all contacts.
    4) Verify that voltage is leaving the micro swicth when activated.
    5) That buzzing noise could be electrical arcing. Put bike in neutral and slowly rev engine , listening for buzz, A rubber hose in ear helps
    6) An electical contact cleaner wouldnt hurt .
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    Dangerdan gave you a very good list to trouble shoot your problems with. A stock 79 FLH should have front and rear disc brakes. The first problem is those little handle bar control switches. You can clean the heck out of them with contact cleaner but that is only temporaty. Take the the handle bar switch halves apart and with volt meter on both soldered wires to the turn signals. Push that button in. If no reading then there is your problem. Turn on the power and jump both terminals to see if the turn signal with come on. The front brake switch should be checked the same. Try the same with the hydraulic rear brake switch. Also clean the contacts on the ignition switch. Hopefully this will give you some answers. Fossil