75 Ironhead starter jamming getting stuck

Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by Inkydoggy, Mar 2, 2014.

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    On my 75 Ironhead sometimes the starter gets stuck or jammed. It locks the whole engine up and you can not even kick it over with the kick starter lever either. Only way I get it to UN-stick itself is to loosen the two bolts that hold the starter housing to the engine about a 1/4 inch then pry the housing out from the engine and tap the area with a hammer. The starter will free up then I tighten the bolts back up and it will then let the engine turn over again. It has a new ring gear on the clutch basket but the starter housing and starter were from a used engine off a 72 Ironhead. It does have the correct 62 tooth ring gear on the basket. It only sticks every so often and not all the time. What else besides the ring gear could cause this locking up of the starter gear into the ring gear? :panic