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    i've had a 73 Z-90 for about 18 yrs. i was at a party and was asked to go get a bottle of Grenadine. when i got back, my buddy said he would either give me the money for the stuff or that harley in the corner. sight unseen i chose the Harley. later i realized it was a z-90. once i brought it home (in pieces) i realized it was missing the carb and a lens. well it sat in the garage under a tarp sice then. well, yesterday i took it out and gave it a once over. i need a top end gasket kit and a carb. plus the tank is rusty inside.

    question 1: is it worth having the tank cleaned or replacing it? the paint is pretty good for the year.

    question 2: are the carb epensive?

    the rest of the bike is pretty good and complete. about a year after i got it, someone offered me $400 for it. with the engine out of it. but i figured if i could get 4 bills for it in that condition, it must be worth more running. hmmmm.....

    any opinions?
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    $400 as it sit is good payback for a bottle of Grenadine. If you are interested in doing the legwork finding the parts, and want to tinker with getting it running, it would be a great project. It's a simple 2 stroke engine, if it's not locked up and has compression, it should be operable. Parts are not hard to
    find, and not too expensive. If it is only surface rust, and not scale in the tank that's an easy fix too. Aermacchi is an Italian co. that HD bought to get into the entry level bikes. A 1974 Z90 recently sold on ebay for $980 in fully restored condition.
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    Take the $400.00 and help the guy load it. Not a bad return on the initial investment.:D
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    Personally I would try to find a service manual and tear into it. I love those old bikes. But then again...thats just me.
  5. Crocker

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    neat little 2 stroker nicknamed the Shortster, hard to find parts though, if i remember rite the carb used on the shortster was made by gardender or somthing close to that name, most likly 24 or 26 mm in size maybe you can retrofit a mikuni carb,as far as keeping it and trying to find parts it would take you awhile to track parts down,but if you in it to make money tear it down and e-bay every single part, there are a lot of guys looking for shortster parts ,and I bet you can double that 400 offer easy.
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    well, my friends, due to the lack of my time(partly bein lazy) and also due to lack of funds, i have decided to part out this little gem. i DO NOT have a carb for it. but i believe it is otherwise complete. i am eventually gonna put it on craigslist in Rhode Island. but i figure i will let you guys know first in case i might have a part you need. just let me know and i can take a pic and send it to you to see if you are interested. then we can come up with a price. trust me, i will make deals you can't refuse. i'd rather see it coming in handy than sitting in my garage wasting away. PM me for my cell number and we can go from there.
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    You should post in the sale section of the forum, so more members to see :s
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    thanks...i will. never even thought of that.
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    just sold that little sucker. got $100 for it. here's a laugh...in one of the buckets of parts, i found the carb for it. oh well. hope he enjoys it. paid 9 bucks for the bike 18+ years ago and got $100 now. life goes on.