5th gear whine

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hntwrobin, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. hntwrobin

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    Just wondering if anyone has a fifth gear whine on an 09 bagger? I have a pronounced one and it's only in fifth.:(
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    Give some thought to changing the fluids in your new bike to full synthetics in the engine and tranny, and Formula + or Spectro Primary Chaincase there. I changed mine to the following:

    20W-50 Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle Oil Engine
    Heavy Duty Platinum 6-speed Transmission Oil Tranny (obviously!)
    Heavy Duty Primary Chaincase Oil Primary (again, obviously)

    Has made a big difference to the sound and feel of the bike, especially when shifting. And the magnets were very clean when I changed fluids here recently (see the appropriate polls for pictures).

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    My wife and I both have 2007 Softails.... mine is the FatBoy and hers the Deluxe. They both whine in 5th gear. When we first purchased I took them into to service and was told it was normal. I have over 20,000 miles on the Fatboy and my wife 15,000 miles. Absolutely no problems at all and have them serviced every 5,000 miles. Actually have become used to the sound and can tell when I reach 5th gear.
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    I know changing fluids can have an affect on it, I used to have a shop was just wondering if others had the same thing. It's wierd because it's only fifth. Bike runs great has no issues shifting or anything. Going for 1000 mile service later today. It probably is nothing was just curious.:s
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    I have a whine in 1st and 5th but honestly I like it especially 1st. I am one that does down shift since I was taught that at the age of 7. I like that fact that I know when I hit 1st gear pulling up to a red light. I did notice that if you look at the gears the 1st gear and fifth gears are cut differently. 1st and 5th are straight cut and the rest are slant cut. A tech told me that and I looked for myself.

    Be safe
  7. hntwrobin

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    Just dropped the bike off for the 1000 mile service, talked to my friend the tech there and he said due to the new helical cut gear sets this is normal. He also said since they made the change in thegears last year it is the number one complaint to HD at least 5 phone calls a day about it. Putting Redline trans fluid in and I'll see what happens. I used to sell Spectro in my shop and I know it is a good product. Not sure what I'm going to choose for this bike I have run Royal purple and AMSOIL synthetics just need to make a choice for the next oil change.:57:
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    I do notice it in first to sometimes even with clutch in and down shifting
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    Mine whines in 5th... Has from new (Only has 6000 + miles though). I'm using the Spectro Heavy Duty Oil for 6 speed transmissions and to me it hasn't done a thing for the whine... I also have grown accustom to it though in the fact I know I'm in 5th...
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    I beleive there is an outfit that sells a replacement gear set that uses helical cut gears for all speeds. This is supposed to fix the annoying gear whine.

    Glider; can you provide any details about this?

    The other fix would be louder pipes or turn up the stereo!